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His Sagacity is dismayed

No doubt we’ll get the official proclamation soon enough:

Sir Keir Starmer has said he does not want to increase income tax for top earners if he wins the next election.

The Labour leader said he is “not looking to the lever of taxation” and will try to avoid imposing further tax increases beyond a list of smaller levies his party has already announced.

Labour has been accused of plotting a raft of tax raids on Britain’s wealthiest if it wins next year’s election, including increases in National Insurance and capital gains tax.

However, in an interview with The Telegraph, Sir Keir said his “driving principle” was to “lower taxes” and encourage economic growth.

Not that I believe this, but it’s still going to cause harrumphing from Ely

8 thoughts on “His Sagacity is dismayed”

  1. Starmer has learned from the defeat of Labour under Michael Foot. If you have many many plans and tell people about them, the chances are that most folks will find one or two of them objectionable enough not to vote for that party.

  2. True AndyF. This reminds me of the fuss about the Voice in Oz.

    The opponents (guess my position) keep asking for the details. And how it’ll affect this or that.

    I’ll be entertained to see how the referendum goes.

  3. Martin Near The M25

    Keith Starer is going to lower taxes. Sure he is. The tories are going to reduce migration. Any day now …

    And some people say all the main parties are the same.

  4. Starmer’s key electoral advantage is that he is not the leader of the Tories

    Best keep quiet otherwise

  5. @Boganboy – my thoughts exactly re: the Voice referendum. The ALP are smart in that they know if they tell us what they’re really thinking even fewer people will vote for it. I think that the electorate has become suspicious, however, and the polling has the Yes vote dropping. Australian people are generally not stupid when it comes to matters like these. There’s a reason why only 8 out of 44 have ever succeeded.

  6. Jacinda Ardern promised no new taxes.

    But then she did add new taxes. (Calling them “levies” didnt fool anyone)

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