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How many blokes are in the female prisons now?

Female prisoners are much more violent than men in jails, according to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures.

The rate of assaults in female jails rose by 21 per cent last year, to 419 per 1,000 women prisoners – the highest since records began more than 20 years ago.

This was 65 per cent higher than the rate in male prisons, where there were 255 assaults per 1,000 inmates. This represented only a marginal rise of 3 per cent on the rate in 2021.

That’s not actually it of course, it’s just that women too can be violent…..

6 thoughts on “How many blokes are in the female prisons now?”

  1. Maybe there’s no need to worry about the blokes in female prisons then, Tim.

    Sounds like the girls are perfectly capable of putting them in their place.

  2. The usual case of lumping a huge variety of actions into one category. I bet the female assaults are not as major as the male ones even though they are larger in number.

  3. SBML “Lesser” in nature, maybe.
    But female pecking order is much stricter and harsher than male, and the ladies in the clink are generally not the type that you’d describe as “Lady”…

    And my anacdata has taken note that blokes tend to go for lumps, and in extreme cases hospital wing, but women go for disfigurement.. Which is downright nasty..

  4. Given the reluctance of the courts to send women to prison, one can assume that those who do manage to get there are of an especially violent disposition.

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