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Interesting language

New splits have emerged in Olaf Scholz’s coalition after the German government backed a controversial EU deal on migration and asylum.

On Thursday, EU interior ministers made a long-awaited breakthrough on the divisive issue at a meeting in Luxembourg after giving last-minute concessions to Italy.

However, those concessions, which speed up asylum procedures at borders, were met with dismay by the Left wing of Mr Scholz’s SPD party and the Greens, his coalition partners.

Well, sorta. It’s not so much asylum procedures that get speeded up. It’s the denial, the deportation, that does.

Instead, the three-party coalition government backed an agreement, which allows asylum seekers to be deported from Europe’s borders if their application fails, in a process that should last a maximum of 12 weeks.

Arguably this is as it should be. Instead of wiating in limbo for years, get a decision within 3 months. Those who should get asylum – founded claims of oppression – get it and move on to a normal life. Those trying it on go home.


12 thoughts on “Interesting language”

  1. Well, I’d send the fleets of Europe to intercept and tow back all illegals attempting to cross the Mediterranean. And I’d put bureaucrats like me in charge of deciding who could enter by legal means.

    But then I’m just plain nasty.

  2. “Those trying it on go home” into the underworld.

    By and large, once they’re in they’re in.

    Australia showed the way – physically don’t let them in; intercept and immediately relocate. Decisions on their status should be made abroad. They quickly stop coming en masse.

  3. The decision should include as the first step on the flow chart: no papers? yes -> next ferry back to france.

    If they’ve got no documentation then they can’t prove persecution at home. I’d have thought that would be clear to all but the most swivel-eyed open borders nutjob.

  4. “Those who should get asylum – founded claims of oppression” in the last country of exit.

    That’s better isn’t it.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    That policy had the benefit of saving lives because fewer boats set off once the policy became widely known and so fewer drawings.

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The Australian solution is to relocate all pending asylum seekers to Jersey and Guernsey.

    Or the Falkland Islands.

  7. The Australian solution is to relocate all pending asylum seekers to Jersey and Guernsey. Or the Falkland Islands.

    Why destroy nice places? St. Kilda has about the right logistics.

  8. I was thinking South Georgia, if they can find a flat enough bit for an airstrip.

    Plenty of penguins for food there too, so that’s another problem solved.

  9. “Arguably this is as it should be.”

    No. The top priority should be that the correct decision is made – not the timescale.

    And, of course, the correct way to handle immigration is to let them all in – none of this lefty nonsense about border barriers.

  10. West Falkland is as far south as London is north.
    Can’t see any reasonable objection.

    Well the 200 locals might want buying off, but the newcomers will have a headstart there rather than here being familiar with the travails of nautical life.

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