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It’s an interesting thought really

So, what is most likely is that The Telegraph and Spectator will get new owners. So, the real question of the morning is how will the fit and proper status of those new owners be appraised?

Well, yes. I assume that having the Solanum determining who may own a newspaper is consistent with the idea of a free press. Well, teh Solanum seems to indicate that this would be so and if that’s not good enough for me then what would?

12 thoughts on “It’s an interesting thought really”

  1. When someone repeatedly begins the answer to questions with “So, …..” demonstrates they are a c*nt.

  2. One wonders what difference full nationalisation of the MSM would make. They all parroted the government line and took the government advertising shilling (in their billions).

  3. Well, I’d say that their status should be judged by the quality of the papers contents.

    But I’m sure Murphy’s opinion of this would be quite different to mine.

  4. So, the real question of the morning is how will the fit and proper status of those new owners be appraised?

    I see Guido mention that Arron Banks might be interested in forming a consortium. Oh to be a fly on the wall in Ely if that happens…

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve not really been paying attention to the story as we’re travelling and might have the wrong end of the stick, but isn’t the dispute with the stock exchange over listings and not with Ofcom over their suitability to own those brands?

  6. I’d say the question for this morning is the same as it always is. Which part of fuck off doesn’t he understand?

  7. Theophrastus (2066)

    Solanum is a genus, including tomatoes, egg plants and potatoes. Spud is solanum tuberosom.

  8. This from a man who is not considered a fit and proper person to buy a pint in any pub in north Norfolk. Comedy gold

  9. Theo: Actually he’s more like some of the nastier species in that genus. Mandrake, Belladonna, choose your poison…

  10. hopefully whoever does end up with the Spectator fires Fraser Nelson and his senior team at supersonic speed. Absolute walloper of an open borders fanatic.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    You must listen to a different Faser Nelson than me. The one I listen to is against the the lowering of the threshold for legal immigration while we’ve got so many workers not employed and he’s for the Rwanda flights. He’s pro immigration for highly skilled people and one of the last free market editors left in the media.

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