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It’s white folks who are racist of course

Disney’s Little Mermaid flops in China amid racist backlash over casting

Because theory says only white folks are racist. Therefore it must be true that only white folk are racist.

13 thoughts on “It’s white folks who are racist of course”

  1. Perhaps the Chinese are self identifying as white.

    Occam’s razor rather suggests that the film is just a turkey.

  2. Maybe because Disney’s Little Mermaid is crap? I was shocked the first time I saw the animated version. Yerwot? She’s alive? But The. Whole. Point. is that she dies! at the end. She becomes the surf on the waves, constantly whispering. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT! Doomed love.

    I bet Disney’s Cinderella’s sisters don’t cut off bits of their feet either. Harrumph!

  3. I’m sympathetic towards the Chinese critics. I mean, a girl with a fish’s tail who lives in the sea and is black is just stretching credulity.

  4. ….but, but, Sam – lots of things that live in the deep ocean and have tails are black. It’s so that other stuff with tails can’t see them against the dark of the deep water. Maybe this mermaid was just another example of Darwinism; the white ones got eaten.

  5. The cartoon strips always had merpeople as green or sometimes blue. What’s with all this black shit? Cultural appropriation, if you ask me.

  6. Halle Berry is very attractive, but she is a little long in the tooth for Ariel. However, the US black population has increased by about 50% since 1990 (despite huge numbers of abortions). So, film makers are going to use more and more black actors and make films they hope will appeal to them, regardless of what China thinks. And it just might be that the film is crap.

  7. @TD

    The actress is actually Halle Bailey, not Berry. Unfortunately not nearly as easy on eye as Ms. Berry

  8. As a women cannot possibly be rescued by a man they changed the ending where the prince saves her. Friend took their kids and said it was awful, apparently they also changed the lyrics to kiss the girl to include something about consent and did a bad job of shoehorning it in.
    Funnily enough talking about Indians jones movies (new one not looking promising) and someone made a comment about stealing from native cultures and I said why does it have to be politicised can’t it just be entertainment

  9. TD – Nah, it’s got nothing to do with business calculations. It’s about “burgers?”

    If they were doing it for money they’d have cast an attractive white woman, because the blacks are a minority in the US, long ago overtaken by Mexicans in population share, and they’re unpopular in many critical overseas markets for Hollywood.


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