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No, no, doesn’t work that way

Gillian Keegan to appeal to the Tory Right and present herself as heir to Thatcher

Gillian Keegan will attempt to appeal to the Tory Right and attempt to present herself as heir to Thatcher

14 thoughts on “No, no, doesn’t work that way”

  1. Labour is like a rotten head cold and the Conservative Party is like full-blown AIDS.

    It’s easy to fight off a cold, unless you have full-blown AIDS.

  2. There is no Tory Party and there is no Labour Party.

    I tend to think there probably hasn’t been since Thatcher.

    This may be news to Gillian Keegan – there’s a reason stupid people get elected as MPs these days.

    In fact, it is probably news to all MPs who haven’t met and cheerfully broken bread with the likes of Schwab, Gates, and the unpronounceable terrorist at the head of the WHO.

    Matt Hancock knows the crack, though – look at him grinning and performing.

    The political parties are the shiny things the magicians are waving with one hand to distract the children, which they do the real work unseen in the other hand.

  3. Not so clearcut a correction in my mind. We could put “attempt to” in front of nearly any action verb that’s in the future tense. It’s kind of implied that it might not happen.

  4. I take it that the assumption is that Rishi will scarper to make some more money. California here he comes!

    At least he’s already shown that he can make money unlike most of the dross.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thatcher’s strength wasn’t the policies she implemented, those were more or less dictated by the economic situation and Labour bigwigs from the time later admitted they knew what needed to be done.

    Her strength was having recognised it she mastered the economics and any and every brief that was put in front of her, and some that weren’t, and then took on what we now call the Deep State and her own cabinet and won the arguments. She was a renowned grafter, working in to the early hours and expecting others to be available.

    Does anyone imagine any of the bunch of intellectual midwits and loafers that infest the Conservative being able to do that?

  6. She’s my MP, and the only MP who has ever turned up on my doorstep soliciting my vote. She was canvassing with the Tory hopeful in the local elections (he lost). I had been waiting a long long time for such an opportunity – rehearsed in my mind what I would say. I had been training the dog to attack anyone wearing a Lib Dem rosette.

    So I gave them both my opinions on immigration, the BBC, Universities and woke culture, and the despoiling of the landscape. She said Rishi had already made a great start, and that she heard my concerns.

    Then she went away.

    We’re moving soon, and our new MP is a Labourite homosexual.

    I haven’t worked out what to say to him if he turns up, but feel free to help me out with some good lines.

  7. She’s my MP too. Careerist carpetbagger, thick as mince and utterly useless. It’s a sign of how far the Tory Party and the Telegraph have fallen that such a worthless cow should be mentioned in the same breath as Margaret Hilda.

  8. “There is no Tory Party and there is no Labour Party.”

    It’s an interesting thought. Thirty years ago, I used to say that we had a liberal party called Conservative, a conservative party called Labour, and a socialist party called Liberal. But things have changed. In fact, I think “Tory” is exactly what the Conservatives have become: they’ve abandoned the conservatism of Peel and Burke and reverted to full-on patrician Toryism, albeit one moulded by the postmodernist shitshow that is 21st Century politics.

    But I think you’re right about Labour. Over the last 30-odd years I’ve come to think of them as making token concessions to the post-Thatcher world whilst clinging on to their simplistic socialist worldview for dear life. However the fact is that whatever you think of the bunch of crackpots and loonies called “the Labour Party” today, it’s glaringly obvious that the very last thing they care about is… you know… labour. They’re the Bennies Party, the BAME Party, the LGBTQ Alphabet Soup Party, the Church of the National Health, the Pale Green Party, the Maybe Europe If That’s Okay With You Guys But You Know Whatever Party… anything but the Party of the Common Working Stiff.

    BiND: Yep, and nope.

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