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Political dating

Dear Ms Understanding,

How can I help my white friend understand that his “preference” to only date white women is racist? Can I persuade him to at least be a bit more open minded?

I don’t understand how he can justify his “preference” to himself? How can he not realise that he’s only attracted to white women because society tells him he should be?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

Stunning, innit?

Even sexual preference is now political. As with the uncut trannies demanding that the lezzers open their legs – that cotton ceiling.

Jeez. So now we all agree that same sex attraction is simply one of those things. ‘Umans can be like that. Great. But equal and other preferences (or inbuilt whatevers, phrase as you like) are not OK?

The answer’s not any better either:

The beauty industrial complex almost guarantees that no matter where you live or what your skin colour and hair type, you are subject to the pernicious ideas about beauty.

22 thoughts on “Political dating”

  1. Still trying to decide whether this is a piss-take and I’m too dumb to see it…… but, it’s the Graun, so probably not. The nom de plume is a bit dodgy, too – Misunderstanding might be as accurate.

  2. How can I help my black friend understand that his “preference” to only date black women is racist? Can I persuade him to at least be a bit more open minded?
    You see her saying that? ‘Course not. Racist slag.

  3. It’s a fact that many black women are stunningly attractive. It’s also a fact that some look like you shaved a gorilla and applied lipstick and a dress.

    Africa’s a big, big continent, with many variations in race. And therefore very many variations in attractiveness.

    Would this ‘friend’ turn down all black women? Probably not. So what can we surmise from that about where the ‘Guardian’s’ agony aunt sits on the attraction scale?

  4. society tells them eh? 30 years hence publishers will be rejecting out of hand would be misery memorialists of the more common mixed races who grew up in london. Its going to have to pretty exotic like a Eskimo Pygmy for them to read the first chapter.

  5. “How can he not realise that he’s only attracted to white women because society tells him he should be?”

    Yes, all sexual attraction is 100% culturally determined. Dennis Nilsen, for example, was desperate to settle down with a nice girl, but society insistently told him he should be a gay serial necrophiliac murderer.


    On a serious note though how black is black? Take a look at the England football team as an obvious example. Races mix, albeit not to the laughable extremes pushed by tv ads and bbc dramas, and in a couple of generations pretty much the entire country will be unrecognisable in the same way that todays cities would have been unimaginable 60 years ago (my personal age-based point of reference but any year will do).

    One ironic plus point will be the likes of this unfunny race-baiting moron having to twist themselves into ever more ludicrous positions from which to plaintively proclaim their innate superiority – over who (whom?) precisely?

    Will the last surviving straight white man please report to room 101.

  7. Take a look at the England football team

    I mean the men’s team obviously. Not the women who we have been assured, by no less an authority than the bbc, are too white “and that’s a problem we all need to address”.

    Maybe enrich the lionesses with a couple of Sunday pub league level black dudes. The only problem might be when the gongs are awarded they will be Dames instead of Sirs.

  8. In my younger and more open days I briefly dated a Nigerian girl whose family moved to London when she was a child (presumably for the weather).

    She had the body of an olympic athlete, but was as crazy as a shit house rat. When I dumped her (after about 2 weeks), I had to disconnect the phone for a week, because she’d just blow it up every time it was plugged in (this was pre-mobile days).

    Thus ended my dating of the darker end of the spectrum.

  9. Hold on, I thought dating outside your gene pool was racist. Now *not* dating outside your gene pool is racist. Can you please make up your ****ing mind!

  10. “How can he not realise that he’s only attracted to white women because society tells him he should be?”

    Repent! You have been led astray by the wicked ones, my child! Repent!

  11. Is there a sweet spot between racism and cultural appropriation? It’s Saturday and we need to swipe correctly for our casual weekend encounters, failing which it means dogging near the appropriately named lay-by at night.

  12. Do I prefer white women? You bet your arse I do!

    That “offends” you?

    Well I don’t think there are enough misshaped, sharp objects in heaven, earth and the most diseased imaginings that you can go and fuck yourself with.

    And after you’ve done that, what’s left of you can kiss my great hairy ringpiece!

  13. So… to be a right-thinker you should select a life partner from a pool of people you don’t feel attracted to? Really?

  14. Selecting dates solely because they are white would be racist. OTOH telling this offensive black woman that the reason he doesn’t want to date her is because he prefers white women meets the definition of a “white lie”.
    Oh dear! She will probably call that “racist”

  15. @Ottokring – “This is why I now only date women who are dressed as squirrels.”

    Presumably, they like you because you’re nuts.

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