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Quite so, quite so, very sensible

Taylor Swift’s European tour skips Brussels over noise concerns

Never be able to hear the warbling over that steady hum of bullshit from the Berlaymont.

4 thoughts on “Quite so, quite so, very sensible”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    …that steady hum of bullshit from the Berlaymont

    If U von der Lions sent Ms Swift a personal invite just like Meagain would that make a difference or would she simply shake, shake, shake her head?

  2. Seems to me that there is plenty of evidence that Taylor Swift is a very level-headed woman who is in control of her life, image and creative output

    A refreshing change

  3. Isn’t Taylor Swift that woman who changes her ‘men friends’ more often than a hygiene fetishist changes their underwear, a bit like a female Leonardo de Caprisun, and sings about the inadequacies of those men? Have heard her sing once. Not holding my breath to do so again.

  4. I_Knew_You_Were_Trouble

    The word on the street is that all the male `friends` are a cover for her real romantic interests.
    As for her music – fair play to her – there seems to be plenty who like that sort of thing…

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