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Renewables don’t in fact power an industrial economy, do they?

The National Grid will ask factories and businesses to voluntarily cut their electricity usage this winter under an expansion of a service previously pioneered by households.

In a bid to help keep Britain’s lights on, the Grid has confirmed it will urge heavy industry to sign up to the so-called demand flexibility service this coming winter.

19 thoughts on “Renewables don’t in fact power an industrial economy, do they?”

  1. In a bid to help keep Britain’s lights on, the Grid has confirmed it will urge heavy industry to – turn the lights off.

  2. Don’t worry lads, while we’re unemployed and shivering in the dark like 18th century peasants, it may comfort you to know that our enemy Russia is so primitive, cities there don’t even have LEZzies.

  3. Grikath – to be fair, they only had well over a year to prepare for tight energy supplies this winter.

    Understandable that after our miraculous Spanish Armada type weather escape from Putin’s weaponised gas deliveries, our leaders used that valuable time to do nothing.

  4. Steve, it’s a bit of a public secret over here in the Scene, but in the background our dear government has made it very clear to the …more enthousiastic… Environmental Movements that our Nukes and the few coal-fired power stations we still have will, very much, keep running, and that those two new Nukes will be built.

    And that any attempt to seriously interfere with that will be treated as domestic terrorism.
    And not even because our government really wants to, but because they cannot guarantee the activist’s safety if they were so stupid and would cause brownouts/blackouts in that way, and the full circus will be needed to keep them “safe”.

    It’s amazing what a Word to the Wise can do….

  5. Good, Grikath!! Can I hope that they’ve similarly stopped the nonsense about shutting down your farms?? Or is that a step too far?

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    It’s almost as if the greens don’t want us to have an industrial economy.

    Perish the thought.

  7. Grikath – they’ve been saying the new nuclear plants “will be built” for a very long number of years now. I’m sure it’ll happen as soon as the British government’s plan to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda does.

    While we’re still struggling to build Hinkley Point C (3,260MW) before 2030, Chinamen added 2GW of atomic capacity to their energy base in 2022 alone.

  8. It’s clearly time to get rid of those competent folks at the grid who can do sums that show that the measured annual CF for our wind power is 25% and not the 65% the greens claim.

  9. Marvellous. Desperate attempts to avoid SA-style load shedding…. Third world status in the post.

    If only we dwelt on the sunlit uplands of Vladdy’s Russia, where we’d have all the cheap vodka a man could need and where house prices become ever-more reasonable as millions flee the country. And we’d all be dead at 57 thus freeing us from pension poverty.

  10. Steve, they may be dilly-dallying in the UK, and be mind-bogglingly stupid in Germany, but here in Clogland the sites and the intended dates of construction of the new plants are already published.

    Because it’s made damned clear to People™ that if they don’t get built, we’d be in deep doodoo in about half a decade to a decade.
    Blackouts over here is not merely a matter of inconvenience, a bit of a shiver in winter, and the possibility of the birthrate going up all of a sudden.

    It. means. Wet. Feet. Or worse.

    And even the more hardline Greens are not willing to face the retribution that will inevitably follow when that happens, and people start hunting for the ones responsible for it…

  11. @Boganboy, The shutting down of the Farms is…. in the air… at the moment.

    It’s complicated, but the Nitrogen fascists are still at it, mainly pushing the EU “mandate” agenda, but the ffing huge victory of the BBB party has made a clear impact on the willingness of political parties to actually go through with it in the way the plans were originally presented.

    The sleight of hand the “Left Block” pulled to get that one seat majority in our “House of Lords” versus the BBB against the actual election results hasn’t endeared them much with people either.

    Things are further complicated by the fact that while the Suits have wrangled a minor majority in the legislative houses, the provinces are the ones with the actual executive power, and they all, except one, have the BBB as the largest party and coalition leaders, especially in , you guessed it, the provinces that are going to be hit hardest.
    And the Provinces can, and by the looks of it will in several cases, flat-out refuse to execute the mandates coming from the Hague in this respect.

    But that still doesn’t hit Joe Average, so won’t do much in getting this malarkey stopped in its tracks.
    I did have an interesting conversation last week with some peeps who organise large events about what will, or be one of the things that will, very much have an impact.

    The thing is, officially every event now has to submit a “Nitrogen Impact Report” and get it stamped before you get your permit.
    They’re only forcing it on the larger events now, but next year everyone has to. And those things run from €4500 to over €10k to get them done and ratified.
    Which means smaller events simply can’t afford the cost to organise. Even the medium to bigger events run into something like 10-20% extra costs on the entire budget because of this idiocy.

    Because of this, and the fun fact that any zealot can find basically anything they please to railroad a planned event on the grounds of “protected species” ( And boy…. Have the Activists found that particular trick this year…) and even shut it down when it’s already running ( has happened twice this year…), it is simply too expensive, time-intensive, and financially risky to even try to organise anything come Jan 1st.

    So we will be getting a “Year Without Events” either next year, or the year after that..
    Just like the ‘Rona Lockdown Days. Because it’s either too expensive to organise, or one single fanatic smartass can pull the plug, before or during. So organisers won’t even run the risk.
    And people will most definitely notice that….
    And the height of that will be right in 2025, when we will have the General Election for the House of Commons…

    Farmers.. Building projects delayed/cancelled… Road maintenance diverted or postponed.. That all Big Politics.
    But the local food-truck festivals, the yearly village/town fairs, the 1001 small music events, etc… not taking place, Because..?

    Interesting Times…. Interesting Times indeed…

  12. Thanks Grikath. Perhaps these regs should be applied to Gay Pride Marches or Just Stop Oil demonstrations. They seem to have plenty of political clout.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    As a wild guess I’d bet on those that believe in that nonsense are the ones applying for the jobs assessing application which means that application process will be gold plated.

    Do you happen to know of any local companies that specialise in hempen rope and/or guillotines as I’m looking for investment opportunities?

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