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Risk of hot summer in UK is more than twice normal figure, forecasters warn



8 thoughts on “Risk?”

  1. Twice normal. This is Britain, where weather is concerned there is no normal.

    I recently watched a documentary about the 1976 long heatwave which ended with 8 weeks of torrential rain and floods.

    Impressively, they managed to get all the way to the last three minutes before mentioning global warming – ‘evidence’ being the 76 heatwave, tte couple of warm summers since, water shortage a couple of times.

    The 1970s was a period of significant global cooling, to the extent that climate “scientists” were predicting a move towards a mini-ice age and catastrophic climate change if we didn’t do something to heat the planet up. ‘Something’ being to cover the polar caps with soot, and seed the clouds to disperse them so more solar radiation could get through.

    Then not ten years later, same catastrophe, just global not cooling but warming. What short memories folk have, and what lies get told and believed.

  2. Duh! It’s THE WEATHER! Not the climate! as any fule believes…

    See, Miss Thunderbum, I getting up with the lingo! Gold star, please?

  3. The lying hysterical shits are now trying to recast temperatures of 25° as “extreme” weather. Last time I was in the UK there was some sort of weather warning most days for rain and winds that most people would describe as “absolutely typical for the UK in winter”.

  4. John B – somewhere around ’77 there was a bastard winter, which as it turns out, no-one remembers due to the summers.

    Thirty years later, I bumped into someone who did, as he got snowed in up at Keston/Biggin Hill.

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