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Jessica Valenti
As we close in on a year since was Roe was overturned, please remember: Every abortion denied is a tragedy.

Yes, yes, I know, I’m an extremist. I can’t even get behind the idea that an abortion is a necessary tragedy when it happens. But the idea that one that doesn’t happen is a tragedy? Every one denied is a tragedy?

Tough crowd…..

6 thoughts on “Sheesh”

  1. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Just when you think Jessica Valenti couldn’t be more awful than she is…

  2. Would it mitigate some of the tragedy if the baby was black, or turned out to be gay or trans when they grew up?

  3. Every time I want to think comments equating abortion (or welfare, or transgressivism, or big government, or cultural attacks, etc.) with !genocide! are _only_ hyperbole, along comes yet another Socialist with yet another explanation of how some people just don’t deserve to live.

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