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She announced that Labour’s plan to spend £28 billion a year on the environmental crisis was now delayed……At least another £4.5bn now needs to be added to the annual commitment for that reason. Inflation has not reduced the scale of the climate crisis…..Third, she should make clear that it may be hard to spend this sum in the first year in office, simply because it takes time to plan and start an investment programme…..Fourth, she should make clear that nothing will deflect Labour from this path: people want to know it is clear on the very few commitments it has so far made.

It’s all just willy waving with other peoples’ money, isn’t it.

Because it all is look how much of your money I’m willing to spend. There isn’t even a single mention of what might be achieved by it. Not. One. Single. Word. about the output or benefit.

I’ve got a big chequebook even if I have no clue how to use it. Size isn’t everything, you know?

18 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. The expenditure is its own purpose.

    The primary one would be to keep him in the lifestyle to which his ‘ex wife’s’ pension entitles him without him having to actually do something productive,

    While he may understand the words: ‘output’ and ‘benefit’ his definition of them and yours would never meet. He sees ‘Climate Change’ as a means to an end. His own end.

  2. There is no climate crisis, there are only liars and fools pushing the New Lysenkoism.

    A lot of Jim Jones’ followers considered themselves smart, educated and progressive too.

  3. I’m finding more and more solace in the words of ancient non-progessives. ‘The boy who cried wolf’ ‘A rose by any other name’.
    Just like other Lefty insults-‘racism’, ‘homophobic’ if you say a phrase often enough it loses its sting. Climate change denier is just laughable now.
    We aged right wing fascists are just a bit fed up now. The progressives might find themselves progressing rapidly to a destination they might find too hot…
    And not for the reasons Dirty Thunderbum Gertie fantasises about.

  4. If that amount of money was spent on nukes, the UK’d actually reduce its CO2 output.

    But since I don’t take climate change seriously, I’d argue that much less spent on fracking would be even more beneficial.

  5. Tim cut it short but further in his post (about tenthly) he once again steals everyone’s savings and pensions to pay for this. How dare you save money when the great potato has far better use for it

  6. “Spending”? She was calling it “investment” just recently, and I was still waiting for her to explain what the return on that investment would be. Startlingly refreshing to see a politician telling the truth for a change.

  7. Watched Lisa Nandy demonstrate her utter lack of intelligence the other day on TalkTV…. “Not idealogically opposed to oil and gas” but doesn’t want fracking in the UK or new North Sea oil and gas licences. Happy to spend taxpayers GBP’s buying fracked oil and gas from the US or conventional oil and gas from Saudi or Qatar though (or Russkie, after the Indians have ‘refined’ it).

    p.s. Slightly O/T, I wish people would stop banging on about how Greta ‘everybodys’ favourite high school dropout and “only pawn, in game of life”‘ Thunberg said we are all going to die this week due to climate change. Saying in 2018 “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years” doesn’t mean the world will end but does mean we can stop wasting money on the energiewende as it is now too late. (I know, I know, it was too late 23 years ago apparently……..).

  8. people want to know it is clear on the very few commitments it has so far made.

    Whut? They’ve made multiple promises – a windfall tax on energy companies will pay for about a dozen different schemes, likewise VAT on private schools will fund unicorns for all.
    Flip flop Starmer changes his opinion almost as frequently as Spudda.

  9. “Inflation has not reduced the scale of the climate crisis”: good God, he said something that’s right.

  10. So it’s morphed into an environmental crisis now. The terminology changes weekly now as they desperately search for a phrase that will resonate with the public and persuade people to voluntarily give up their modern lifestyles. Not that they’re averse to coercion, but it’s so much easier if we turkeys willingly embrace Christmas.

  11. This part of the audience enjoyed a sentence off the internet:

    Nicola Sturgeon is the first former FM or PM to be arrested in the history of the UK, since Alex Salmond.

  12. DocBud

    Alas I’m sure the whingers’d then shriek that the wicked right wingers should have provided safe spaces for these poor female criminals.

  13. Conference season’s coming up.

    Not wholly sure what to make of some of the stuff coming from Starmer & Daughters recently.

    Not yet, anyway.

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