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So, ideological corruption?

Copies of certificates seen by the Danish newspaper Information and the Financial Times show that DGS Marine issued certificates to two North Korean ships, the Won San 2 and the O Ka San, in June and August 2016 respectively – several months after the UN prohibited the issuing of insurance to any ships sailing under the North Korean flag.

Mr Griffiths told the Financial Times: “These were clear and obvious sanctions breaches.

“UN Security Council resolution 2270 expressly prohibited insuring North Korean ships, and the maritime insurance communities had been made aware of this.”

Did he, however absurd this might be, actually believe?

Mr Skinner’s activities had already begun to raise questions. In 2012, The Telegraph published allegations that his company had violated EU sanctions by insuring Iranian ships carrying exports of crude oil from areas controlled by the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Phew, that’s a relief, no, just money-grubbing.

1 thought on “So, ideological corruption?”

  1. So all this grovelling to the woke about climate change, humanitarian intervention, reparations, the environment etc is just lies to make a quid?

    I’d be really relieved if I could be sure of that.

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