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So it’s still pretty controversial then?

Protest over Pride month assembly at Los Angeles school turns violent
Reports of fights breaking out over a book reading about inclusive families forced police officers to separate clashing groups

Clashing groups, eh?

Protesters against the assembly outnumbered those who were there in support. Some protesters identified themselves as parents of students in the district but would not give their full names during interviews, saying they had agreed not to, as a group, citing safety concerns. Broadly, they said they felt elementary school was too young to discuss LGBTQ+ issues.

That’s a respectable enough view to hold, no?

19 thoughts on “So it’s still pretty controversial then?”

  1. That’s a respectable enough view to hold, no?

    No Tim, in ClownWorld it is classed as terrorism.

  2. The event included a reading of The Great Big Book of Families, which includes details about different family structures

    Jimmy Has Two Dads (And A Scorching Case Of Monkeypox)

  3. Good news. Let’s have more of this. I’m all for tolerance, but we were tolerant and now little kids get taught about fisting by people who shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of children. And biological reality is abandoned in the quest to persuade children to mutilate themselves.

    Protestors: bring lions next time.

  4. From the article:

    “Some people threw punches but their identity was unclear…”

    “I mainly identify as a cis-het semi-binary shemale whose pronouns are Xxhey and Xxherm, I think, but take THAT!, you fuckin’ bigot!”

  5. “Some people threw punches but their identity was unclear…”

    It’s the Armenian community. They have sufficient group cohesion to resist stuff like this. Immigrants haven’t been fully-indoctrinated on sexual diversity; despite television making a whole show about a Los Angeles Armenian-American (Kristen Kardashian) married to a transsexual (Bruce/Caitlin Jenner).

  6. @ dearieme
    I long for one of these guys to challenges me to (or allows me to select) “Queensberry rules” forgetting to say “amended Queensberry” so it lasts until the slob gives in (no limit on the number of rounds). A *lot* more painful than machine guns.

  7. At what age is it appropriate for children to be exposed to the idea that a man and a woman might live together and have children? And that children can be adopted? And do you think they should be older before being exposed to the idea that two men might live together and have children, or two women?

  8. idea that two men might live together and have children, or two women?

    How can two men have children?

    BiS: Apart from Charles needing to re-think his sentence construction, that’s why they need two women

  9. @bloke in spain – “How can two men have children?”

    They could be both widowers with children from their marriages, or they might have adopted children.

    If you think that the only household which can have children is one consisting of one man, one woman, and their mutual, biological children, then you have a bizarrely narrow view of the world.

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