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So very cheap, these renewables, so very cheap

Rishi Sunak to hit households with £170 net zero green levy
The two-year suspension of green levies announced last autumn is to end from the beginning of July, The Telegraph has learned

If wind and solar are so cheap then why isn;t the system cheap? Or is it because wind and solar are only cheap if the system costs are not taken into account?

19 thoughts on “So very cheap, these renewables, so very cheap”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Good. The sooner households learn the true cost of this madness the sooner it ends.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    So a “two year suspension” lasts only nine months? Rishi is going after the XR / Just Stop Oil vote. Inspired!

  3. BiND: ’ The sooner households learn the true cost of this madness the sooner it ends.’

    The madness, you mean? Or Sunak’s career?

  4. I see the Torygraph is now hyping the UK as “the future Saudia Arabia of windpower’
    Where are you going to keep the camels?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    Until we stop the madness it won’t matter who’s in No 10, they’ll just know tow to the green movement.

    Tim responded to Tweet from one of the nutters that claimed Musk was a climate denier because he only insisted that fossil fuels were a problem but not farming, in the grand scheme of things.

    As long as people like that get a hearing outside the mental hospitals were all foooked.

  6. BiS – the Torygraph is now hyping the UK as “the future Saudia Arabia of windpower”

    Vote Conservative for a windmill on every mosque.

  7. Martin Near The M25

    The tories are starting to remind me of that guy in Hitch Hikers Guide who has a personal mission to insult everybody in the universe. “Thinking of voting for us? Have some higher taxes and a smack in the face. That was a party political broadcast for the conservative party.”

  8. From the Tory(?)graph article:

    The cost of the levies was shifted from consumer bills to be funded instead by the Government

    WTF do they think ‘government’ gets its money?

  9. Net zero would be kicked into the long grass forever if the peeps were given the factual answers to these two questions:
    1. How much will this cost us?
    2. How much difference to global temperature will it make?
    1. You, your children and your childrens children will be impoverished to the level of a third world shithole and everything your ancestors worked, gave their taxes, lives and blood for will have been for nothing.
    2. None.

    Hand up all those who support net zero………

  10. In the interests of transparency the government should send out invoices like this:
    “Pay XX pounds by return so that we can give money to Big Greenspiv”
    If more people knew where their money is going they’d kick up more of a stink. Especially when the grid falls over next winter.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset


    Before the grid falls over they’ll have shut down high energy industries and turned on very expensive diesel generators, in the middle of a recession.

  12. @ Adolff
    The answer to 2. is “some not-quite zero amount that is less than 0.1 degrees”.
    The UK is responsible for nearly 1% of CO2 emissions from energy, having reduced CO2 emissions by approximately one-third in ten years; China is responsible for a bit over 31%, having increased its emissions by one-fifth (more than five times the UK’s total) in ten years.
    [Pendantically UK reduced by 32% 2011-2021, by 34% 2012-2021, so I said “approximately one-third”]

  13. Catching up on backlog of emails I find that “Unlock Net Zero” said that “New research shows heat pumps to be three times more efficient than gas boilers” – i read on, interested. Efficiency ratio of 4x – oh no, the text claims 280% – a bit less than “three times as efficient” or “two times more efficient” and, on cold days, when its needed, 244%.
    So if one’s use of a heat pump is adding to the use of coal-fired power stations who are the marginal suppliers in winter, the total system production of CO2 is increased.
    Further down the page it mentions “hybrid syastems” where the heat pump is used when its cheaper than the gas boiler – which sounds like a sensible idea. The heat pump was used for space heating 39% of the time, the gas boiler was used for all hot water and for space heating 61% of the time.
    Of course the spokesman claimed that as demonstrating that heat pumps are not inefficient.

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