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Solid chap that Elon at times

“Whether or not you agree with using someone’s preferred pronouns, not doing so is at most rude and certainly breaks no laws.”

Elon Musk

19 thoughts on “Solid chap that Elon at times”

  1. Who polices the list of permissible pronouns? If someone were to say his pronouns were “fucking” and “cunt” can anyone gainsay him? Must people in the workplace then address him thus every time?

  2. The article ends.

    “Ms Irwin had taken charge of trust and safety at Twitter since November, when former head Yoel Roth resigned. Mr Roth said that Mr Musk runs Twitter like a dictator.”

    or an owner with quite a lot of their personal fortune at stake.

  3. I go to the opposite extreme. Requiring preferred pronouns is a direct & intended attack on the autonomy of the individual. Thus the ultimate of being rude. So “fuck off” is entirely appropriate.

  4. Mr Musk runs Twitter like a dictator.
    And the sooner he creates a well armed military wing of Twatter, the better. He’s got the rockets. All he needs is the warheads.

  5. Some time ago a close relative wrote “try me” and “find out” on the form. He has yet to be questioned by HR.

  6. The worlds media, including of course the bbc, is clutching its pearls and running this as a front-page story.

    I suggest it is that rare beast, a reverse-Streisand, where supposedly negative publicity only serves to enhance the reputation of the individual concerned (i.e. Donald Trump on numerous occasions).

  7. Going by the photo in the article, anyone want to start a book on what equipment Ella Irwin keeps in her (?) undies? I’d make evens at the moment.

  8. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Irwin was part of the pre-Musk regime. He left her in place and allowed her to hang herself, which she has done. With one tweet entirely reasonable tweet Musk comes off as a free speech hero and manages to rid himself of an employee he probably didn’t want in the first place. As John mentioned, the pearl clutching by MSM over Irwin’s resignation serves only to enhance his reputation with most ‘Mericans.

    The man is a genius.

  9. All to do with Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman” documentary apparently.

    I’ve not seen the whole thing but clips have been hilarious. One vox pop interview went along the lines…

    What is a woman?
    – I’m not a woman so I can’t answer that. Only a woman can say what a woman is.
    Do you know what a cat is?
    – Yes
    Are you a cat?
    – (long silence) I think I made a mistake doing this interview (walks off)

  10. I find it amusing how the article tries desperately to gloss over the fact that she and her staff deliberately ignored the rule that “misgendering” is not an “offense”, and proceeded to apply their own flavour of censorship according to their own whims.

    Which is….ummm…Bad…
    And makes you wonder what else they got up to…

    I’ve a feeling there’s going to be some fine-toothed combing of logs, followed by some vacant seats in the near future.

  11. I can’t decide whether its all the more commendable or entirely effing understandable that he takes this stance given one of his kids (now estranged) has done the old switcheroo.

  12. This is another example of bureaucratic overreach. Twitter broke the most important rule when hiring bureaucrats and giving them power. Only give such power to people who don’t really think that should have it.

  13. And how would they know anyway? By definition, a pronoun is used as a *third* party reference, when the party being refered to is *NOT* part of the conversation. They would only know, in order to be offended, if they had been eavesdropping, or somebody had been snitching. Both of which, in my school, got you a punch up the conk.

  14. An excellent point by jgh on pronouns being used when the other party is not in the convo.
    Which I will nick some day in the future.

    I wonder if good points made on the ‘net class as public goods using the economics definition. I think they do but haven’t analysed.

  15. Whatever pronoun it wants me to use is not a problem for me as “it”, whilst rude, works fine.

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