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Sure, believe that

Electric truck maker Nikola suspects a fire that broke out outside its Phoenix headquarters and damaged multiple trucks was the result of foul play, the company announced on Friday, as its shares plummet nearly 8%, though the cause of the fire has not been determined.

Why wouldn’t I believe that?

So, now we check which member of management was the last to check the fire insurance policy. For foul play by whom?

2 thoughts on “Sure, believe that”

  1. Regardless of how the fire started, the consequences are clear. Those lithium batteries are a bit of a challenge when they burst into flames.

  2. Smith: I had a fire in my factory last month and the insurance company was incredible. It ended up with me not losing a penny as a result of the fire.
    Jones: Well I had a flood in my factory last month and can you believe the insurance company, I’m actually better off than if there hadn’t been a flood.
    Smith: Um, how do you start a flood?

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