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The Great British Drought

There are fears of a repeat this year. London has not seen rain in more than three weeks and the Met Office issued its first hot weather warning of the year this week.

Three weeks eh?

And of course no one will allow anyone to build a reservoir. Tsk, that would be to, umm, summat.

6 thoughts on “The Great British Drought”

  1. One notes the desalination plant still isn’t working. But I agree a reservoir would be a simpler solution providing cheaper water.

    Of course here in Oz we’ve built plenty of desal plants. The Greens are happy to support those who don’t want their land flooded by reservoirs. But naturally they also howl in horror at the awful fossil fuels that provide power to run the desal plants.

  2. I see the BBC are getting excited about this heatwave. All through our long cool wet spring, they couldn’t mention “climate” at all.

  3. ‘ London has not seen rain in more than three weeks…’

    London is not the whole of Britain (is it still Britain in fact?) and not the catchment area for Britain’s, or even London’s, water supply. And elsewhere there has been plenty of rain, complete with flood warnings.

    It’s all part of the ‘climate change’ doom-machine – a cover for the fact we have been in a period of global cooling since the end of the 20th Century and there is no trend in the long-term averaged meteorological factors (climate) to indicate any shift in the Earth’s climate system.

  4. Been raining steadily for the last two hours in Taunton. A bit like the day of the Heat Apocalypse last summer, when rain stopped play for a couple of hours at the County ground.

  5. “London has not seen rain in more than three weeks”

    My part certainly has, not much I’ll grant you, but we’ve had some. The author does though conveniently forget the fact that March in the UK this year was the wettest for 40 odd years with London having its wettest one for 130 years. Most of Southern England had over double the average rainfall. April also saw above average rainfall in London and the south east.

    If only we’d had more reservoirs to collect it.

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