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The man’s wholly and entirely mad

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, called for global taxes on shipping, aviation and potentially on wealth in order to fund climate action. “Help us find all the countries which today have no tax on financial transactions and which today have no tax on plane tickets. Help us to mobilise at the International Maritime Organization [meeting to discuss a shipping tax] in July so that there is international taxation,” he told French broadcast journalists.

Cheap shipping is one of the things that has made those poor countries so much richer. They’re now integrated into the global economy. So, to deal with poverty the damn fool idiot wants to tax shipping?

Is this madness or just the usual French cretinism when it comes to economics?

30 thoughts on “The man’s wholly and entirely mad”

  1. Absolutely NFI that bloke.

    The French are interesting in that they often have bonkers ideas, some of which turn out to be genius. It’s especially interesting when you combine it with their history of mob rule.

  2. Global taxation!! Who, I wonder collects it and who receives it? Will the UN or the World Bank finally have the power to tax the world?

    Of course with the world being impoverished by all the climate nonsense, this means there’ll be even less wealth to go around.

    I’d argue that all the idiots at that conference are mad.

  3. I’m not usually one to support either Micron or deranged globalist ambitions. However, in my experience, the group keenest to push Net Zero madness on the world are the very rich. So let them pay for it.

    Of course I realise that no-one has any intent to make the really wealthy will pay or even see their lifestyles dented. A wealth tax would no doubt be set at a level that would cripple the aspirational, careful middle classes while being easily avoidable by anyone with a few mil in the bank.

    Nonetheless, I would like to see a swingeing worldwide wealth tax to save Gaia seriously mooted and put to cunts like Gates. Just so I can see them squirm.

  4. This is just another little primer to get people acclimatised to the idea that global government is the only way forward.

  5. OK, it’s a fair cop guv. For 30 odd years I’ve resisted conspiracy theories. Politicians are too incompetent to organise the proverbial celebration in a place for making beer. Bill Gates is another cretin who is mistakenly thought of as a genius. He’s the man who said, when asked why Microbrain had not invented a web browser to rival Netscape Navigator said; “I don’t see much future in the internet as far as computing goes…” Genius, eh? Prophet? He did one smart thing. Paid cheap for an operating system and rented it out to the world for ever. Then he nicked Xerox idea of windows and made himself a billionaire. But organiser of a global ruling body? Yeah, right…
    Nevertheless, if the people running the Ancient Farter are behind something to make themselves stupendously rich and powerful, I’m beginning to believe it. Gerbil Worming. Extinction Rebellion.
    And politicians becoming more blatant in their corruption. Dale Vincent makes a fortune from subsidies. Gives Sir Kneel some pocket money (Sorry, DONATES £1,500,000 to the Labour Party) in return for even more subsidies. The only problem I can see for them is that they believe they will continue to live a 21st century lifestyle while they make the peasants revert to 18th century living. Even we stoic Brits are getting restive. When the beast awakens they won’t believe what will happen.

  6. I have many French friends but none of them have ever heard of – let alone read – Bastiat. Just as my Austrian friends have never heard of Von Mises. The Continent generates plenty of intellectual heat, but the nature of Civil Law is icily top down and dirigiste. Employing lawyers who wanted to “call the wolf from the forest” by asking “the Ministry” what the law meant was a real shock to me when I first set up in practice there. To us, the whole point of a lawyer is to make sure you never meet the bloody Government, let alone involve it in your business! Mercantilism has been the great failing of the French since their imperial days. Like Russia’s, theirs is a great people and culture spoiled by a self-regarding and often corrupt political class. The very worst thing about the EU was exposing so many of our own politicos and bureaucrats to their influence. See how reluctant they are now to give it up and return to the buccaneering ways of the Common Law. They talk down to us like kindergarten teachers, or Enarques.

  7. Partly the usual French stuff – but Macron has been running around attempting to push further EU integration for a while – he ramped it up after the Brexit vote. It’s generally not gone well, so he’s widened the net a tad.

    The French establishment tends to believe it’s the natural inheritor of European political leadership, Spanish Empire, Holy Roman and all that jazz. This was all going fairly well, other countries willing to at least pay lip service, or merely bide their time, until there was a sequence of nasty shocks; the Soviet Union collapsed, the UK didn’t join the Euro, Germany re-unified, Poland turned out to be a little too far east to acquiesce to French desires.

    The EU itself, now borrows on it’s own account post-Covid. The Dutch weren’t entirely happy about this. The Austrians just said “Nein” to contributions going up. Von der Leyen is basically operating a separate EU foreign policy with no regard to Macron.

    So, they’ve lost control. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the French attempted to create some sort semi-autonomous special departements from their ex-colonial possessions in West Africa (the CFA area), claim they were de-facto EU regions and re-balance the Parliament and QMV that way.

    They’ve just got to find a way to sling other people’s cash into the area.

  8. Hasn’t anyone told him the French empire ended in 1940?
    He needs to understand his place in the world.

    Or perhaps this is:”Fighting the russians is too hard, so let’s go bomb some Africans”

  9. madness or just the usual French cretinism when it comes to economics?

    Hasn’t the State painted itself into a corner? It’s cannibalising its own people Uranus stylee because all the low hanging fruit has now been denuded, all the seedcorn has been et, and now we’re seeing the bills start to come in.

    L’etat – do we need it, mon frères?

    Are there no Corsican men of genius?

  10. I would like to know exactly what is this ‘climate action’. Details, mechanisms, cost, outcomes, how are they observed, measured, benefits and to whom?

    Likewise investment in Green technology – what is it, what does it do? What is the benefit? What is the RoI?

    We live now in a World of abstractions, generalities with no explanation of their detail, and conclusions with no evidence based reasoning how they are reached.

  11. I would like to know exactly what is this ‘climate action’. Details, mechanisms, cost, outcomes, how are they observed, measured, benefits and to whom?

    I’d say you’re in a peculiar time when it’s possible to gain kudos from ones peers ( a great deal of dosh) by espousing certain ideas. Essentially it’s no different from the high days of the Catholic church when it was the Resurrection & the efficacy of saints. It’s just another religion. Are we at the burning of heretics at the stake stage yet?
    If you’re looking for costs & outcomes, your taxes & the bank balances of politicians would be good places to start. So we repeat tithes & chests of gold.

  12. BiS – but Christendom got richer over time. The new religion is far more hostile to personal liberty, private property and scientific progress than the medieval Catholic Church ever was.

    Also, medieval Christianity fought back against invaders.

    Net Zero / Current Thing isn’t a religion in the sense of this being a repeatable, generative thing that’s going to be passed on to the children liberals refuse to have.

    It’s more like Jim Jones’ squash party.

  13. How do the elite expect to keep their 21st century lifestyle after they’ve crushed the people who create and maintain that lifestyle into penury? Modern society, with all its wealth, health, longevity, heated homes, flights to ski resorts, is based on the existance of that modern society.

  14. Agree, it’s death cult Steve. But none of the ones waxing fat on it expect to be dead. The same as none of those waxed fat on the back of Catholic Church expected personal Eternal Damnation.

    I think jgh is correct. The collapse, when it happens, will start at the bottom. There will be no incentive to maintain the system.

  15. To be fair, a carbon tax is a tax on shipping and air tickets (and everything else). A carbon tax will make everyone poorer. Demonstrably, a carbon tax will never replace the other climate insanities of government. Yet, for reasons, a carbon tax will be a Good Thing™ and not, you know, economic cretinism.

  16. Sounds like he’s beginning to believe his own hype. He banned internal air travel to make the expensive trains his predecessors spunked the Frogs’ tax money on look worth it, but the lies he told to justify that seem to have gone to his head.

  17. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The Holy Climate Empire has already been established for some years.

    We just call it the Fourth Reich.

  18. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    Emmanuel Macron, the French president, called for global taxes on shipping, aviation and potentially on wealth in order to fund climate action.

    Richard Murphy just had an orgasm.

  19. The greens largely favor making society poorer so that it consumes less. It’s a tough battle in the wealthier countries but keeping poor countries poor is critical to saving us all, dontcha’ know?

  20. “Holy Climate Empire”

    We already have indulgences, they are called carbon offsets.

    Martin Luther, please pick up the green courtesy telephone.

  21. Who on earth believes that China, which generates more than one-third of all CO2 emissions, will pay a tax invented by Emmanuel Macron?
    Can anyone provide evidence that all the plots to make the UK reduce its (relatively trivial) emissions and ignore those from China are not engendered by the Communists and fellow-travellers?
    For avoidance of doubt I am not a McCarthyist, just not blind

  22. @Grist

    I never believed a single conspiracy theory until about 2.5 years ago, when world governments began doing batshit crazy and counterproductive stuff in unison and with the media nodding along, while the same governments were also funding the media. At the same time various people and organisations, eg Schwab and the WHO, started openly announcing that the pandemic presented a golden opportunity to ‘reset’ the entire fucking world in ways that seemed inimical to the interests of almost everyone else, and which suspiciously coincided with the stuff the governments were doing, while simultaneously bragging that they had ‘people at the top of all the world governments’.

    But yeah it’s all bollocks, wealthy people would never meet and discuss ways to further their own interests (how could they, even if they wanted to?!), and the government has our best interests at heart and would never be composed of psychopaths who would kill you as soon as look at you because people aren’t really like that (as, doubtless, said French aristocrats, Ukrainian farmers, 7 million European Jews, 30 million Chinese under Mao, the victims of Pol Pot etc etc)

  23. all the plots to make the UK reduce its (relatively trivial) emissions and ignore those from China are not engendered by the Communists and fellow-travellers?
    This x10. China et al must be pissing themselves laughing that the west has allowed such an obviously bollocks idea like CO2 driven climate change to literally pauperise the masses at the same time as off shoring manufacturing to China to pretend we are producing less CO2 than we really are.
    Fuckin Clown World. We have NO serious people in leadership positions.

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