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This is pretty obviously true, yes

The report is rather more technical and much more referenced than the thread on this issue, focussing in part on the use of sustainable cost accounting to demonstrate that the English water companies are, in my opinion, environmentally insolvent, meaning that they cannot eliminate their environmental damage and remain in business.

No human process is ever pollution free. It is always how much poluution are you willing to put up with at what cost of getting rid of it? So if you demand that there be no pollution then anyone and everyone will be bust.


Man’s an idiot.

11 thoughts on “This is pretty obviously true, yes”

  1. meaning that they cannot eliminate their environmental damage and remain in business

    That’s, um, the entire point of ecowang, to put companies out of business. There’s no risk of economic growth in a Net Zero “circular economy”.

    It’s why they usually salami slice these things. If they’d just told us 20 years ago that they planned on taking away your car, your central heating, and your holidays, people might have objected.

    But bombard them with endless fear over a 20+ year period, subtly promote the likes of Just Stop Oil to astroturf the new restrictions while claiming you, the British government, “can’t” enforce laws against standing in the middle of a road, terrify Karens with scary stories about diesel fumes, and slyly ratchet up the cost of living over time…

    Stern’s report was never intended to fix anything, it was merely an opening salvo.

  2. I’m certainly in favour of hanging, drawing & quartering Stern, Steve. Living proof that idiocy is rife in the economic community. And that’s being favourable to the man. Avarice or just egoism are as likely explanations.

  3. The interesting issue is of course that the water companies generate little or any of this waste – they just have to deal with it

    Its wider society that has created the problem, exacerbated by a dysfunctional planning system and the importation of millions of immigrants, most of whom are in the grey economy not paying for any services

  4. environmentally insolvent

    We’ll be hearing a lot more about this. Profitable companies forced out of business by regulation.

  5. MC @ 1.21,
    The Gipper “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”
    ― Ronald Reagan

  6. This is the sort of terrorisation that has prevented the UK (and Oz) from building the huge numbers of nukes needed to give you plentiful reliable power. And the desalination plants needed to give you all the water you want.

    Ooops. That’s exactly what you’re saying Steve. And yes BiS. The hanging drawing and quartering of all these idiots sounds like a really good idea.

  7. Ironman

    Good to see you again! It was indeed – could be a motto for Murphy and indeed any one of the coterie of ‘like minded idiots’

  8. I learned some interesting stuff about Just Stop Oil by chatting to a policeman while on holiday.

    They struggle to use the offence of Obstructing the King’s Highway, because CPS guidance says the obstruction has to last for four hours before prosecution.

    So the Tories could fix it really easily if they wanted to. From which I infer that they don’t want to.

    But the police don’t have to use the offence of Obstructing the King’s Highway. If someone is being caused harassment alarm or distress, then it’s a straightforward public order offence and they could arrest for that.

    So if someone’s being prevented from getting to hospital, the police could easily arrest if they wanted to. From which I infer that those in charge of them don’t want to.

  9. The police could turn a blind eye when the JSO idiots get manhandled to the side of the road by angry drivers.

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