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Attorney Ariel Mitchell claims the alleged assault occurred after Game 4 of the NBA Finals on June 9, when the Denver Nuggets beat the Miami Heat. Mitchell said that NBA and Heat security separated the woman from her friend and proceeded to force her into a nearby restroom, where McGregor and his security guard were waiting. “Security refused to let [the woman] exit or allow anyone else, including her friend, inside the bathroom,” she explained in a letter obtained by TMZ.

The attorney went on to add that McGregor came out of a handicap stall and “and shoved his tongue in the victim’s mouth and aggressively kissed her.” The plaintiff says she was able to temporarily evade McGregor by saying she had to urinate, at which point he allegedly forced her to engage in oral sex with him and then attempted to sodomize her against a wall. Mitchell claims the woman had to elbow McGregor repeatedly to flee the bathroom, but in her haste to get out, she left her purse. In order to retrieve it, she says she was forced to plea with McGregor’s security guards.

In lieu of litigation, Mitchell said the woman is seeking settlements not only with McGregor, but the NBA and the Heat for their alleged involvement.

Scale of 1 to 10 on believability?

Security for a basketball team, security for the NBA itself, selected a woman out of the crowed, forced her into a bathroom, for a UFC fighter to rape.

Remember, always believe the woman.

15 thoughts on “Umm?”

  1. Anyone who complains about shared toilet facilities is a bigot, the woman should feel the full force of outrage

  2. “went on to report the assault to local authorities on Sunday morning. Mitchell tells us an officer then encouraged the woman to seek out an attorney.”

    bit odd. Its a very serious criminal offence. You’d need an attorney for the civil compo claiming money type suit, but not so much for being the victim of a violent sexuelle crime.

  3. Foolish woman,

    She should have claimed it was Donald Trump at a Knicks game. Mind you he is a Florida resident…….

  4. @ Hallowed Be
    Perhaps the officer wanted to avoid being involved in the case and thought that the woman might leave him alone if she went and found an attorney thereby making it a SEP …
    If he hadn’t found a wayto get rid of her, the officer would have the choice of refusing to follow up an allegation of kidnap and serious sexual assault or making himself a laughing stock by pursuing a case with zero chance of a conviction because the believability is 0 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  5. john77
    the believability 0? i’d not got that far on what’s on the article. Agree quite likely something in the account she told the police meant they didn’t see the need to immediately arrest the guy and haul him in for questioning but waiting to see if that comes out.

  6. This yet again supports my case for safe spaces for men. If there were lots of nice big areas where no women are allowed, this’d keep all the girls safe from we horrid blokes.

  7. This yet again supports my case for safe spaces for men. If there were lots of nice big areas where no women are allowed, this’d keep all the girls safe from we horrid blokes.

    They don’t seem very keen to work in the sewers. Maybe the “Sewer Divers Sub-Aqua Club”? Doubt you’d get many XX’s turning up for that one. Unless it was explicitly advertised as a “Male only space” then they’d all want in starting with “Trannies that identify as Male”.

  8. Nice idea John. We could let them do the work in the sewers. While we lounge around in the ‘Female Only’ office space.

  9. Boganboy
    Here’s a thought blokes and birds sometimes need to have their own thing. It’s a truth universally acknowledged up until 10 millisecs ago that social club sex segregation had several plus points. Which is why they did it of course.
    I’m in a darts league where one club we go to doesn’t have lady members. They’re definitely hold outs in this day and age so it’s a topic that comes up now and then. To play in the league they have to agree to admit our whole team which is mixed. Of course everyone hums and hars about the sexism and what have you. But recently i TOTALLY came to understand why our forefathers came up this accommodation. Bad feeling with blokes is one thing but bad feeling across sexes is dangerous. I was about to start a match, but needing a pee, I tried to open a nearby door to the bogs but it turned out to be locked. A lady in my team, all in the spirit of banter you understand, called me a ‘dopey donut’, and said the bogs are that way HB. In fact the door i tried actually was a bog door, i’d been there enough times, but they’d locked it because near to closing time. I retorted ‘No it is a bog door and that makes you the dopey XXXXXX.’ All in standard banter you understand which is water off a ducks back for blokes (externally at least). But as soon as I’d said it my spine froze. Hubby is on the same team and hubby is bigger than me. Then she let me know that she didn’t appreciate my choice of words and i really did feel that i didn’t want to be there anymore. Like blackadder i thought simply “bugger” waiting for the expected retribution. But actually nothing happened. Once the match was over. I profusely apologised and pecked her cheek. I hope and believe we’re all friends again. But i was acutely aware it could have gone very south over such a triviality, and that’s one example from our enlightened twenties.

  10. Hallowed Be

    Must admit I had a somewhat different experience at the local library.

    I go there to nod off to sleep while pretending to read a book. When I enter, I usually tell the female librarians that the reason I come there is to see all the beautiful girls. They naturally chuckle a bit.

    However young Luke was a bit irked that I was only friendly to the female staff. So after hearing that, I’d usually say ‘Gidday’ to Luke as well. I didn’t say how beautiful I thought he was though.

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