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Well now

Bias against women is as entrenched as it was a decade ago and gender equality progress has gone into reverse, according to a UN report.

Nine out of 10 people of all genders have a bias against women, found the Gender Social Norms Index, a figure unchanged from data collected more than a decade ago.

If that’s what human beings are like then perhaps it’s your hopes for how humans should be that are wrong?

23 thoughts on “Well now”

  1. If women are so deeply biased against women, I’m not sure there’s much I can do. Given that it’s near a hate crime for me to hold a door open for a woman struggling with a pushchair, there’s very little I can be arsed to do.

  2. >Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Maybe Bill Gates’ feminist views are informed by his time on Epstein Island.

  3. “a quarter believe it is justified for men to beat their wives.”

    Don’t suppose the study would like to go into which countries were more likely to have that viewpoint?

  4. Andrew – Nope, but you’ll no doubt be shocked to hear the solution involves infinity immigration from those countries.

    That’ll be fun for “all genders”, won’t it?

  5. Well, it’s not difficult to see how the #MeToo movement could lead to bias against women. You certainly wouldn’t want to hire one if they’re liable to come out with that sort of nonsense.

    And there’s the continual tirade in media like the Guardian about the ghastly evil inherent in men.

    I feel it’s a tribute to the general niceness of the population as a whole and blokes in particular that the level of bias has only remained constant, and not soared as you would expect.

  6. I haven’t got the money or skills to conduct a big survey, but personal observation suggests that women’s bias against other women is particularly strong if those other women are better at commanding men’s attention and approval.

  7. If you *only* ‘see’ bias against women then all the other people who see bias against their own group too are not going to pay you any special attention.

  8. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    Without tackling biased gender social norms, we will not achieve gender equality or the Sustainable Development Goals. Biased gender social norms—the undervaluation of women’s capabilities and rights in society—constrain women’s choices and opportunities by regulating behaviour and setting the boundaries of what women are expected to do and be. Biased gender social norms are a major impediment to achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

    Colonialism at its finest.

    Can’t let the wogs in Africa, Asia and South America make up their own minds, can we? Gotta get everyone doing things the way a certain percentage of white folks in Europe and ‘Merica think they should be.

  9. “It’s a girl!” Cue wild celebrations. Or not, as the case may be.
    Bias against women is as entrenched as it was 200,000 years ago. FIFY.

  10. Normal people should stop pandering to this lunacy and refuse to use the word ‘gender’ anywhere relating to human beings. There are two sexes, and no genders.

  11. It can be argued that transitioning females to male AND males to female are both examples of bias against women through the diminution of what it means to be a women.

  12. As my wife pointed out recently the option to be a stay at home mother and raise your kids is an increasingly limited one for a lot of women and the loss of a choice to be a ‘traditional’ wife and mother is a failure of feminism.

  13. John – I thought this was an interesting reaction:

    The Labour MP Stella Creasy said: “It is an hangover from another era that our abortion laws are based not on healthcare considerations, but first and foremost criminal sanctions.

    “This case shows that the failure to address this has very real modern-day implications. In the light of repeated attacks on women’s rights and the lack of compassion this case shows, it’s never been more urgent to ensure it is a formal human right of all women in the UK to access a safe, legal and local abortion if she chooses.”


  14. Deliberate murder, but as long as you’re a woman and the victim, your unborn baby, then all’s good. (according to the BBC and the Guardian)

  15. A century on and they still haven’t managed the creation of Homo Sovieticus, almost as if humanity prefers the way they are today, biased, bigoted and free from the nudges of the nanny state.

  16. @snag +1 – I’m not even going to bother mocking a ‘study’ which uses social science nonsense words.

  17. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Here in the Reich the latest survey showed that a third of young men think violence against women is justified.

    No one has thought to mention which third of young men. That would be wrongthink.

  18. That some women live on less than $5.50 a day is shocking – they omit to mention how many men live on less than $5.50 a day …

  19. ‘Can’t let the wogs in Africa, Asia and South America make up their own minds, can we?’

    I must agree with you Dennis. The whole idea of independence and anti-colonialism is that the wogs get to bugger things up their way, not our way.

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