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Well, this makes sense

MoD to use Google’s AI despite warnings technology could threaten human race

MoD’s job is to kill people, right?

17 thoughts on “Well, this makes sense”

  1. Yes, but this is Google AI, so it’ll probably go on a murderous rampage against whites and Christians while displaying a cute little doodle celebrating Agawuga Boogawoog, the famous 19th century blind lesbian Aboriginal beat poet who invented the egg cup.

  2. p.s. to be fair: what’s the difference between Australia and a yoghurt?

    Answer: if you leave a yoghurt alone for 200 years it will develop a culture.

  3. MoD’s job is to kill people, right?

    I thought the MoD’s job was to spend £7 billion over 11 years trying to develop a new mess tin and then abandoning it because they can’t get the handle to stay on, before buying the American version.

  4. the only thing the abo’s invented over 40,000 of ‘civiliastion’ was the stick.

    And you can’t even throw the damned things away !

    ( As described in Hancocks Half Hour “A sort of bow and arrow with the string missing.”)

  5. Bogan, for all my lifetime Oz had been ‘The Lucky Country’ (well except for the Great White shark (no, not Greg Norman), Funnel Web spider, Box Jellyfish, all manner of snakes, crocs, cane toads and drop bears) and outside of Chinada, the only other place on earth I would have emigrated to.
    But the last three years has trashed that idea and though no longer filled with crims, the place is still run by prison guards.

  6. It is the Ministry of Defence. So their job is to defend us. If that involves killing then we should have some hand wringing before we do that and maybe send some girly men to get them to surrender.

    However, as the biggest threat to the UK is our own politicians and our global elite I can see some easy targets for the SAS and MI5/6.

  7. “However, as the biggest threat to the UK is our own politicians and our global elite ”

    People who presume to know better and be entitled to plan the future of the rest of us despite having no proven record of..well anything, really.

  8. No, it isn’t, it’s to prevent people (us) being killed by our country’s enemies.

    And the purpose of armies is to take and retain territory.

    These things may entail other people getting deaded, but that is a by-product.

  9. AndrewWS @ 11.38, an interesting comment. Let’s do away with most of the army (keep a few thou to ensure the elites will be able to quell the inevitable riots) and invest the money in the airforce and navy (although i’m still waiting to see the effects of the ‘peace dividend’ we were promised in 1989).
    Shurely we aren’t interested in taking and retaining territory after the fiasco’s of Afghanistan and Iraq, so if anyone smaller than us gets uppity we can just “bomb the bastards” (© K. Everett) and leave them to clear up the rubble.

  10. although i’m still waiting to see the effects of the ‘peace dividend’ we were promised in 1989

    Amazing how successfully they strangled the hope, optimism and possibilities we had in 1989 and 2019.

    The future of British politics is permanent crisis, and the only thing they have left to offer is fear.

  11. Steve, absolutely, but that’s the pinnacle of their culture and they were not alone in the idea. At least the Egyptians went on to build pyramids and the ‘first nations’ come up with the bow and arrow. Fuck me, researching Wiki, even the cloggies had boomerangs!!!

  12. Addolff

    Ah but how do we know that the Egyptians really built the pyramids ?

    It might have been the Abos, they decided that they didn’t like it in Egypt, built boats, sailed to Australia and burnt the boats on the beach.

    Do we know, whether Ayers Rock ( or Lieutenant Uhura or whatever it’s called now ) is really solid ?

  13. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    I literally die laughing.


    The Internet is truly yours.

  14. Thank you Otto. It’d never occurred to me that Ayer’s Rock——oooops Uluru might be hollow. Since you can’t rape it by climbing it these days, I can’t think of any way to find out.

    Actually Addolff, Oz was the ‘lucky country’ because of sensible policies. The cheap electricity policy started after WW1 has now had a stake driven through its heart. And the idea of immigrants having the same appearance and culture so they’d assimilate easily has now gone. After all that’s cultural imperialism you know.

    Indeed we seem to have adopted the fashionable fashion of Californicating everything. Shows how influencers rule the world. Hollywood has a lot to answer for.

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