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Well, yes, that is poor eyesight

Really poor:

Woman posing as man ‘tricked short-sighted girl into sex by taking off victim’s glasses’
Georgia Bilham accused of taking advantage of victim’s ‘very poor’ eyesight and deceiving her into thinking she was in straight relationship

6 thoughts on “Well, yes, that is poor eyesight”

  1. Idiot. If she’d simply identified as a man and changed pronouns then there would be no case to answer and the speccie bigot would be in the dock

  2. This story reminds me of that equally ludicrous casr of a woman having sex with other women bu using a loo roll holder, or policeman’s truncheon or something.

    I mean really, duh.

  3. Which reminds me:

    A policeman from near Clapham Junction
    Whose organ had long ceased to function
    Deceived his poor wife
    In the years of their life
    By the dexterous use of his truncheon.

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