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Well, you know, but excuse me?

The £2.3 billion from the sale of Chelsea which was pledged to Ukraine war victims is in limbo amid European Union demands about how the money should be spent.

When Roman Abramovich sold the football club almost 13 months ago, sources say he agreed with the Government that the money would be used for “all victims of the war in Ukraine”, as well as supporting the “long-term work of recovery”.

I’m against the nicking of the money in the first place. But what the fuck’s it got to do with the EU? The is the British Government that stole it fair and square. What’s it got to do with Johnny F?

14 thoughts on “Well, you know, but excuse me?”

  1. Because the EU is & always was a protection racket. “Nice little country you’ve got there, shame if something should happen to it.”

  2. I’m not saying the Ukraine war, which we armed and encouraged over a period of over 8 years before finally provoking a Russian invasion, is in part a massive cash scam where political insiders are getting fabulously rich while European living standards plummet to Net Zero.

    But it is.

    Anyway, how come it’s not antisemitism when you do it to a Russian passport holder? I’m fairly certain there’d be an infinity of screaming if we tried stealing the Soros family fortune.

  3. So eight years takes us back to the aftermath of the Russian annexation of Crimea. So what was the provocation for that, Steve? Denmark’s entry winning the Eurovision Song Contest in ’13? Dina Garipova felt slighted?

  4. Vlad annexed Crimea after the Maidan coup d e’tat and could arguably be seen as a pre-emptive strike to protect ethnic Russians in the Crimea. And the base of the Black Sea Fleet.

  5. Bi’s, are you really going to defend the Neocon position?

    You may as well go the whole hog and cut off your own genitals and call yourself Mavis.

  6. BiS – there’s been Western fuckery afoot in Ukraine since at least the Orange Revolution (Ukraine’s first foreign supported coup) in 2004.

    From the Russian pov, we know what their triggers are, because they’ve been complaining about them for over 20 years. They don’t trust NATO, dislike NATO parking missiles near them and spending billions beefing up the Ukrainian army, are unhappy with Western regime change attempts in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, etc. and the Donbass War was an ongoing major embarrassment for Russia which they tried – twice – to resolve via negotiated settlements.

    Russia was provoked, though this doesn’t justify their crimes. There’s no “goodies” in this war, there’s no “victory” in sight that will improve the lives of Ukrainians and Brits/Europeans, we should want to end it as soon as possible and try to figure out ways of living on the same planet as Russia and China without killing each other.

    Or something. Idk.

  7. Thing is, Steve, I actually know ethnic Russians from Crimea. For that matter I also know Russian Russians. But for fuckin’ Putin I would have been in Moscow for a month last summer. There was certainly no appetite amongst the majority of ethnic Russians in Crimea for the Russian annexation. It’s actually the reason some some of them got out & came here.
    For them it was a choice of the least worst option. The Ukraine of the time may have been far from perfect, but it was a lot better than Russia. Almost anything’s better than Putin’s Russia. Ask Russians.

  8. Steve, you keep talking about Russians as if they’re all the same. There are western Russians who aren’t much different from us. They want the same things as us. A decent home, a decent car a decent life. They want to be Europeans. Which they are. They are not in the slightest worried about NATO or the USA or the EU. They just see it all as the mirror image of where they are. Except NATO military forces don’t have a rep for raping & pillaging their own people. You talk with ethnic Russians from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. None of them want to return to living under Moscow. If they did, it’s only a train ride away. And these are the people you’re talking about.
    Then there’s the other Russians. From the southern flank republics & the boonies. Western Russians despise them. Regard them as animals. It’s two different countries.

  9. Rights and wrongs of the war aren’t relevant to this.
    Fact is, Russian citizen living in UK has had his property stolen by the UK government without any legal process, No charge, no trial, no verdict.
    Just “We don’t like your government (of the country you have fled from) and so all your cash are ours.”

    Rishi and family may care to ponder on the precedent, when all their cash is seized by any country’s agent that can get it hands on some. No wonder he was BJing the Bidet.

  10. “It’s two different countries”

    A bit like the UK then, and lots elsewhere. Lots in the UK fully supported Blair’s invasion of Iraq, and others of us very firmly didn’t.

  11. Note that the Serbia/Kosovo situation is an almost identical setup, except this time NATO are supporting the separatists.
    Consistency? Pah. A hobgoblin for little minds. Beware the death-throes of an empire.

  12. It’s a slight difference,PF. Some of the Russians out in the bush are living in a different century to us.

    I agree TtC. Soon as one hears the word charity, one senses someone’s about to be milked. So now we have a squabble about who’s gonna get at the teat.

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