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Women, eh?

From Theodore Zeldin’s “The French”:

Or a girl of twenty-four complains that her mate is too expert, her orgasms have become routine and so, boring.

So, do we mark that down as a female complaint or a French one?

7 thoughts on “Women, eh?”

  1. Being an irrepressible quidnunc, I’d argue that the solution is for her to find someone else. No doubt she’d then bitch that he was even worse.

  2. I’m sure there are many gangs of new-French who would be pleased to help, making up for their lack of expertise with numbers and brute force. She only has to wander down the right banlieue at night, or during broad daylight.

    Better hurry though. 24 is a bit old for these lads.

  3. “So, do we mark that down as a female complaint or a French one?”

    A human one. In evolutionary terms, how many perfect orgasms does a woman need in order to reproduce? I know it sounds dreadful to those who are getting less of it than they would like, but humans are not designed for pleasure.

  4. Hmm. I think she’s found out what it’s like to be a man half the time.
    Some orgasms are mind-blowing, others routine.

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