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You weren’t supposed to press print yet, Dummy

For Them’s first binder was developed in conjunction with designer Radha Shadek [XXX Awaiting spelling confirmation], using breathable, recycled materials, and a great deal of design knowledge.

The rest of the article, well, ain’t capitalism great? There’s someone willing to at least try making a buck out of any desire.

13 thoughts on “You weren’t supposed to press print yet, Dummy”

  1. Well, no doubt wearing the bloody thing is better than having your boobs chopped off. However I don’t really need an app to tell me how dreadful things are.

    I suppose I’m not a tranny after all.

  2. Bboy – its purpose is to get young girls used to the idea of having their “teetus deletus”, as one American plastic surgeon who advertises to kiddies on TikTok puts it.

    It’s not an alternative to surgery, it’s an invitation.

    Somebody offering your daughter a “binder” has much more evil intentions than somebody offering her a burkha.

    TERF Lions.

  3. Gawd, this is why everything I write has a big “DRAFT” watermark on every page until the last, final, ultimate, terminal, endmost pre-print version.

  4. Mmmm… I dont imagine one would relish sub editing some of this stuff. Giving it one’s close attention. Bit like examining someone else’s diarrhoea.

  5. “Having sold 40,000 units of the first version of the binder, For Them knew they had created a product that wasn’t just needed by the trans community, but that the community was also prepared to rally around.”

    How many were sold to middle-aged geezers embarrassed by their manboobs?

  6. There’s some nasty side effects from wearing binders such as chest and back pain, rib bruising and fractures, shortness of breath, overheating, and skin damage.
    I wonder if they include that information with the product

  7. We used to use ‘XXX’ to note text which needed attention. High risk strategy. Now we use bright yellow/red highlights. Much harder to miss.

    As for binders. Scum. Best girls school locally is loosing kids due to the epidemic of trans (so I hear).

  8. Steve – must confess that the thought of someone trying ‘teetus deletus’ on my nieces leads to immediate thoughts of impalement. But the lions will do.

  9. Bloke near Worcester

    When I saw ‘Print’ in the headline, and ‘binder’ in the first line, my thoughts turned to the various methods of collating A4. How wrong can you be.

    I see they have corrected the article now – Tim’s blog must have a wide readership!

  10. One of my newspaper subscriptions comes from one of the subeditors giving me a freebie – on the understanding that I let him know of things I spot. Sometimes I even see something important…..

  11. “AndrewAgain

    We used to use ‘XXX’ to note text which needed attention.”

    Wasn’t there some deranged bint who filed a sexual harassment case because she interpreted some “XX”s in an email as ‘kisses’ from her manager?

  12. This Was England.

    Here is how Surrey Police are protecting us against the menace of Mum-of-5 Caroline Farrow:

    Surrey police have applied for a stalking protection order as a result of material I have posted on Twitter.

    On page 1 of the bundle repeated misgendering is cited.

    I will be assigned an “offender manager”.

    I will not be allowed to use any Social Media, Social Networking, Gaming, Dating (lol) site without this person’s written permission and having supplied them with usernames and passwords for all sites within 3 days.

    Here are the prohibitions they are seeking tomorrow morning.

    In addition the following requirements are added:

    1. Allow Police Officers to enter your registered address(es), between the hours of 8am and 8pm, to conduct a risk assessment, monitor devices, and manage compliance of the order

    2. Provide your Offender Manager with any mobile, digital, or internet enabled devices for examination, review, and monitoring purposes, immediately upon request. You must also your provide your Offender Manager with any access PINs, passwords, or patterns. Examinations may be completed manually on scene, or could entail them seizing your device(s) for examination by agencies contracted by the police for that purpose. Failing to disclose the existence of a device in your possession to your Offender Manager will count as a failure to comply with this condition.

    3. Re-register home address every 12 months at a Police Station (within 365 days of last registration)

    4. Provide your Offender Manager with list of all mobile, digital, or internet enabled devices that you own or have access to use. The list must be provided within three days of the order being granted or within three days of any changes

    Signed by Surrey Police Superintendent

    “I consider that in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 8 of HRA, an interference by this force as a public authority is in accordance with the law and is necessary.”

    I left out another condition Surrey police are asking for.

    5. Possessing, owning or using more than one mobile phone and one SIM card, unless with written permission from your Offender Manager in the area that you reside. You must provide the telephone number and unique identifying numbers of all device(s) within three days of this order being granted or within three days of and supplying any changes within 3 days of any such change.
    10:50 am · 7 Jun 2023

  13. That Steve is where tolerance gets you. Ruled by an intolerant minority. Tolerance should be a matter of individual choice. Not compelled. Tolerance is not a virtue.

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