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Ah, now this is difficult, see?

Democrats condemn Robert F Kennedy Jr for saying Covid attacks races differently

That Kennedy is claiming it was engineered to leave Jews alone, sure, he’s a nutter.

But that it does attack races differently is true. Vitamin D dark skinned people in NMorthern climes were much harder hit than others. Etc, etc.

Covid and race don’t intersect is wrong. Which is what makes the RFK claims so dangerous….

18 thoughts on “Ah, now this is difficult, see?”

  1. Democrats condemn Robert F Kennedy Jr for saying Covid attacks races differently

    OK, do I have to stick my entire fucking arm into the Memory Hole?

    UK Covid inquiry urged to consider structural racism in every part of investigation
    Almost all minority ethnic groups were more likely to die from virus than white British people

    Robert Booth Social affairs correspondent
    Tue 28 Feb 2023 04.00 EST

    So if you say Covid attacks different races differently because of biology, that makes you a tinfoil hat wearing racist lunatic.

    But if you say Covid is part of a rotten white supremacist society’s structural racism, you get sympathetic coverage in the Guardian and BBC.

    But note that Covid is still magically capable of being whatever the establishment wants it to be for any particular purpose. Lockdowns never really ended, you see.

    We’re just on day release.

  2. What makes anyone think that someone, somewhere, in a lab, has not worked/ is not working / will not be working on this?

    Utopia, Channel 4 TV show 2013/14:
    Janus is the top-secret project at the heart of the Network’s machinations. It is a serum developed initially by Philip Carvel. Its purpose is to sterilize 90-95% of the human population in order to prevent the destruction of the Earth’s environment and the descent of humanity into wars over resources. It is split into two parts to avoid detection: a protein called GCHN1, which is added to all industrially farmed corn, and an amino acid put into the vaccine for Russian flu. On their own, the components are harmless, but trigger the effects when brought together.

    In the UK Version of Utopia, it is revealed that Janus hijacks the Russian Flu vaccine, meaning the vaccine is rendered useless unless the person receiving Janus is Romani. Only Roma are protected; an indirect way for Phillip Carvel to protect his daughter Jessica Hyde.

  3. I think what he said was that it affected different races differently, but did not make any claim about intent or purpose. But if he said that water is wet it would be attacked.


    Interesting to see the two Guardian articles about this.

    The argument seems plausible to me. I’m of course thinking of the way booze seems to affect abos more than whites. Since we’ve been drunkards for at least 4000 years, whereas the abos were only exposed to it about 200 odd years ago.

    To quote one of my favourite authors, it’s evolution in action.

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Do we have any actual evidence that this is the case?

    I mean, it has to be true before we start wondering whether it is about either melanin or sociostructural made up gobbledigook.

    Other than early breathless Daily Mail headlines about black NHS doctors succumbing, is there any evidence?

  6. The big genetic divide in humanity is the gulf between subSaharan Africans and the rest of us.

    So if I were an eeeevil scientist (is there any other sort these days?) I’d be targeting that divide not some trivial difference such as that between, say, Germans and Slavs. Maybe there are South Asian and East Asian scientists working on attacking the other lot but I imagine their chances of success aren’t high. Open to correction, though, by people who know more about this than I do. (I accept that there’s not the slightest chance that US, Russian, Indian or Chinese scientists, for example, will be remotely inhibited by moral qualms.)

    I am anyway a great sceptic about bioweapons unless perhaps you target some distinctive food crop of your enemy. So those peoples who live off tatties and wheat rather than rice, or vice versa, might have something to worry about.

  7. The Sars2 virus enters cells via the ACE2 receptor. There are numerous variants of ACE2 receptors with different affinities for Sars2. As they are heritable, people of the same ethnicity have a higher numbers of a particular variant than others. It is forbidden to point out ethnic differences, doubleplusungood if they involve certain groups.

  8. Boganboy,
    There was something in the papers earlier this week about evidence of brewing on a site 12000 yrs old. We’ve been practising for a long time.

  9. Thanks Jimmers. Perhaps I didn’t need to get a cab when I went to that little dinner with my friends on Thursday. But if I’d driven, maybe I wouldn’t have drunk so much?

    And thanks for the data on Sars 2, Ljh.

  10. Mortality rates from Covid-19 differ for different racial groups for a variety of reasons. The mortality rates for Bangladeshis living in the UK is a highish multiple of that for Bangladeshis living in Bangladesh.
    The mortality in Israel is over 30% higher than that in Palestine. The reported mortality rate in China is utterly unbelievable at 4 per million, but Taiwan’s 796 per million is less than one-quarter of the USA’s and little over half that of Israel’s so if it has been structured to attack/except a racial grouping it is more plausible that the Chinese than the Jews are the protected race.

  11. @John77… One is tempted to wonder whether the discrepancies between different countries’ mortality rates are as much due to the various, occasionally bonkers, methods used to attribute a “Covid death” as to any genetic or environmental effect.

  12. @ Baron Jackfield
    To a certain extent that is the case (especially Communist China) but the Bangladeshi difference is too great to explain that way.

  13. @John77…

    I reckon that The mortality rates for Bangladeshis living in the UK is a highish multiple of that for Bangladeshis living in Bangladesh was more caused by the cockeyed method that was used in the UK for attributing deaths “with Covid” than their lack of vitamin D. The Chinese figures aren’t even worth the effort of disputing – they’re so patently nonsense.

  14. @ Baron Jackfield
    The ratio is about 20x for Bangladeshi females and about 30x for Bangladeshi males. You may think it’s something to do with the way they count which deaths are “with covid-19” and which are “from covid-19” but that can only be a smallish part of the answer.

  15. Vitamin D dark skinned people

    Measured wrong.

    How A Vitamin D Test Misdiagnosed African-Americans

    By the current blood test for vitamin D, most African-Americans are deficient. That can lead to weak bones. So many doctors prescribe supplement pills to bring their levels up.

    But the problem is with the test, not the patients, according to a new study. The vast majority of African-Americans have plenty of the form of vitamin D that counts — the type their cells can readily use.

    The research resolves a long-standing paradox.

    “The population in the United States with the best bone health happens to be the African-American population,” says Dr. Ravi Thadhani, a professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and lead author of the study. “But almost 80 percent of these individuals are defined as having vitamin D deficiency. This was perplexing.”

    The origin of this paradox is a fascinating tale of genes interacting with geography. More on that later.

    To unravel the mystery, Thadhani and his colleagues looked closely at various forms of vitamin D in the blood of 2,085 Baltimore residents, black and white. They focused on a form of the vitamin called 25-hydroxyvitamin D, which makes up most of the vitamin circulating in the blood. It’s the form that the standard test measures.

    The 25-hydroxy form is tightly bound to a protein, and as a result, bone cells, immune cells and other tissues that need vitamin D can’t take it up. It has to be converted by the kidneys into a form called 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D.

    For Caucasians, blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D are a pretty good proxy for how much of the bioavailable vitamin they have. But not for blacks.

    That’s because blacks have only a quarter to a third as much of the binding protein, Thadhani says. So the blood test for the 25-hydroxy form is misleading. His study finds that because of those lower levels of the protein, blacks still have enough of the bioavailable vitamin, which explains why their bones look strong even though the usual blood tests say they shouldn’t.

  16. “That’s because blacks have only a quarter to a third as much of the binding protein”

    Don’t be absurd: race is a social construct.

  17. Oh for fuck’s sake stop being a damn tosspot. White skin – OK, whiter – evolved several times, independently, as people moved to lower insolation environments. So, folk with darker skins move to lower insolation enviros. Without care there will be problems.

  18. Tim, what you are reporting is that “Democrats condemn Robert F Kennedy Jr for saying Covid attacks races differently”.

    What “Democrats” said he said, not what he actually said (regardless of any validity of the Vit D thing).

    As Esteban, above, noted “if he said that water is wet it would be attacked”

    I’ve listened to a couple of the speachletts wot he’s said. Seems not too daft to me.

    And Trump with RFK Jr as running mate would scare the willies of all the Great & Good. Probably a vain hope…

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