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Ahaha, ahaha, ahahahaha

Spouses who refuse to fund their partner’s gender surgery may be domestic abusers, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says in new guidance.

Incrementalism works until it doesn’t. Until the marginal extra demand suddenly ends up as Wile E Coyote running out of cliff for a few seconds until gravity catches up.

Refusing to pay for your wife’s tits to be cut off, wifey refusing to cough up for that cock she married to disappear, that’s now domestic abuse?

Burn the government to the ground.

13 thoughts on “Ahaha, ahaha, ahahahaha”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    It would make more sense to argue this the other way round. If an important grounds for the relationship relates to the respective sexual attributes of the partners, then the retro-fitting of other attributes by one partner without the consent of the other should constitute an abuse of the latter.

  2. Turn it round the other other way round, TMB. Your partner wants you to have ginormous norks or a massive prong. Or a lezzie decides she wants cock, an iron a tight little pussy. It’s abuse not getting the surgery.
    The consensus is they’re barking, no?

  3. What’s this about funding – are we in America? The NHS offers free gender reassignment surgery, subject to the usual waiting lists.

    If I refused to pay for such gender reassignment surgery, I would get fined by HMRC.

  4. Blimey, the control they found out during Covid really went to their heads, didn’t it? You can say what you like as long as you’re a Lefty arguing for something ‘progressive’; the more soppy the better.
    Sir Kneel left his mark at least…

  5. Andrew – being a troon costs ££££, it’s a very expensive lifestyle choice. The NHS covers some of it, but it’s common for troons to end up frittering away any savings they might have had on multiple elective surgeries, as well as clothes, accessories, and general bullshit, as they chase that gender dragon.

    Bear in mind, the people who would be overwhelmingly and most badly affected by this are women, mothers, wives.

    They’re in a lot more danger of the husband suddenly wanting to sell the house so he can afford DD tits and a hair transplant than the other way around.

  6. Given that CPS might as well stand for Couldn’t Prosecute Satan they’ve obviously decided to repurpose themselves as advocates for insanity instead.

  7. “Spouses who refuse to fund their partner’s gender surgery may be domestic abusers”

    They may be, just as they may be Zulus, trainspotters, or stammerers. But their abuse does not consist of their refusal to fund.

    Who is not thinking here- the lawyers or the journalists?

  8. Sam – ACKSHUALLY, under the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, this is indeed an accurate summary of English law now.

    Thanks, ‘Conservatives’!

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