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An impolitic suggestion

A troubling pattern’: has Hollywood given up on pushing for diversity?
Departures of Black female executives from top entertainment and media companies has experts and lawmakers wondering what prompted the exits

Hollywood’s one of the most free market and capitalist places on the planet. Limp lefties in their public personas but bring in the money and you’re golden, fail to do so and you’re gone.

So perhaps they were just diversity hires who turned out to not be very good?

16 thoughts on “An impolitic suggestion”

  1. So perhaps they were just diversity hires who turned out to not be very good?

    Maybe using ethnic background, skin tone or sex to choose movie/TV executives is the wrong selection criteria?

    I wonder what Martin Luther King would say (once he got over the shock)?

  2. Martin Near The M25

    Yeah, we have a good team for the useless olympics. And based on recent form I think we can take them.

  3. I wonder what Martin Luther King would say (once he got over the shock)?

    “Where the white bitches at?”

  4. I have been inflicted with the consequences of a diversity hire. An award winning quantity of melanin! Skill? Not relevant! And, boy, did it hurt!

  5. The continued employment of Kathleen Kennedy at Disney and her output of terrible films suggests there are large parts of Hollywood that are quite happy to lose money in the service of wokeness 🙁

  6. The Meissen Bison

    what prompted the exits

    Subsequent audits revealed they were church-going cis-women married to men?

  7. “The reasons for their departures are varied but the trend has attracted the attention of lawmakers and experts in diversity.”

    Like flies to s……sugar!

  8. Caught between the Scylla of being obliged to make films with sufficient vibrancy to qualify for the Academy Awards and the Charybdis of knowing how little the viewing public will care for the results.

  9. “Being greedy, I’d just make the ones I thought would make money.”

    Which could be rephrased as “I’d just make the ones people actually want to see”

  10. my guess is that the roles were supposed to be so much window dressing, but then certain individuals appointed expected and tried to actually to do stuff, leading to a realisation by Ceos and Boards that if it gets in the way of making money making movies its bye bye to the role and the individuals. Ironically the ones just sitting in their office collecting the pay check and giving a speech or two are still in situ. Its the dynamic ones (who still couldn’t give a toss about making money) that have been shown the door.

  11. We have no proof that black females are any worse than white females or multicoloured males at executive roles, BUT if you hire people on the basis of the proportion of the total population who are black females rather than the proportion of the *workforce* who are black females, you are likely to end up with some sub-par employees.
    I seem to remember that some Chinese-Americans won a lawsuit against the discriminatory racial quota policies of UCal …
    Premier League footballers are a pretty diverse lot: I should love to see someone try on an “equality, diversity and inclusion” policy on the Premier League.

  12. John77

    They’ve been trying it with managers. There are too ,any white middle aged men doing the job.

    Sol Campbell was bleating about this, complaining that he couldn’t get a job. Alas the sad truth with Sol is that he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together and the chairmen rapidly discover this fact.

  13. Hollywood isn’t a great place for job security. You’re only as good as your last project. Turnover is high. In spite of being heavily unionised, film crew don’t have it any better, as my brother discovered. My bet is that diversity hiring continues at the same rate, to meet quotas and scorecards.

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