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I think you have to admit that Keir Starmer had quite a weekend.

His article in The Observer made it absolutely clear that he really is determined to pursue Thatcherism when in office.


12 thoughts on “Delusions”

  1. A call to Arms indeed:

    Then the programme of opposition to a government that is pre-ordained by its own choice to fail us all needs to be thought about. There are many options available here. Which one to opt for and focus on is personal choice, but what we know is that Starmer is going to fail on:

    – Climate change
    – Renewables
    – Transport reform
    – The economy
    – Public sector pay
    – The NHS
    – Social care
    – Education
    – Law and order
    – Housing
    – Trade unions
    – Reversing Tory policy
    – Support for local government
    – Electoral reform
    – Europe
    – Interest rates
    – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
    – Defence
    – Inequality
    – Taxing the rich

    Aim high and then noone can accuse you of lacking ambition I guess…. Strangely (And more to follow later) there are 20 areas listed where his published writing gives no indication that he has anything other than either completely the wrong idea or actually no idea at all.

    If I take #18 – Defence (as an example)

    Murphy wants unilateral disarmament and the abolition of the armed forces in totalis so the money can be moved to the ‘Green new deal’. Conflict is outmoded and all conflicts should be solved by diplomacy.

    Or – Europe (#15) – counsels for immediate re-entry to the EU with the abolition of the pound and no Schengen limitations. No rebate and complete supremacy of the ECJ and indeed the ECHR over UK law with no exceptions. Referenda to be outlawed unless a ‘progressive’ result can be guaranteed and the abolition of imperial measurements.

    I do wish he’d hurry up and burst a blood vessel. Tiresome doesn’t begin to cover it.

  2. “Conflict is outmoded and all conflicts should be solved by diplomacy.”

    So what happens if you want diplomacy but the bunch on the other side of the argument think that guns and bombs will work better?

  3. Martin Near The M25

    He got up to twentiethly, that’s never a good sign. “… and the abolition of imperial measurements”. Give him an inch …

  4. Pursue as in”Exit, pursued by bear”? Or pursue with a bloodstained meat cleaver?
    Keir Stamer who was a member of the “Young Socialists” at a time they housed all the young Trotskyites who were carefully excluded/expelled from the Young Communist League, who was promoted to his level of incompetence by Gordon Brown. Almost the only thing he has in common with Lady Thatcher is passing thev 11+; thereafter he attended a third-class university.

  5. Stonyground:

    “Peace and friendship with all mankind is our wisest policy, and I wish we may be permitted to pursue it. But the temper and folly of our enemies may not leave this in our choice.”
    —Thomas Jefferson.

    Spud knows better than the Sage of Monticello, of course.

  6. His article in The Observer made it absolutely clear that he really is determined to pursue Thatcherism when in office.

    My arse. Sir Kneel is more likely to pursue Satanism in office than Thatcherism.

  7. Keith has realised that there is a vast unoccupied space to the right of the present Tory party, which can command a huge majority. Sounds good if true.

  8. thereafter he attended a third-class university

    Come now, Teddy Hall isn’t *that* bad. Second-rate, maybe.

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