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Diddums, eh?

The transgender rapist Isla Bryson has complained of being the victim of transphobic abuse in a male prison.

The double rapist, who was born Adam Graham, was moved to HMP Edinburgh after initially being sent to a women’s jail in January, causing a scandal which was seen as contributing to Nicola Sturgeon’s downfall.

The 31-year-old, in letters sent to a Sunday newspaper from behind bars, complained that the prison was “full of transphobic people” and revealed police had become involved as a result of abuse.

Police Scotland confirmed that a 24-year-old man had been charged in connection with threatening and abusive behaviour following a report of a hate crime in June.

Lucky he’s not in there for kiddie fiddling, really. Good honest criminals really don’t like kiddie fiddlers.

11 thoughts on “Diddums, eh?”

  1. “This jail is full of transphobic people. The police are involved because of the abuse to do with my gender. People won’t stop being transphobic.”

    Probably should’ve thought of that before he raped those women and then put on a dress.

  2. Threatening and abusive behaviour?

    Mr Graham, for that was his name when committing the rapes so well done the Telegraph for once, should thank his lucky stars he’s not already in intensive care.

    Now will the Procurator Fiscal show some backbone by dismissing these frivolous charges. I’m damned sure the late Iain Cuthbertson would have done so.

  3. BiS – he’ll be getting it tight from all angles.

    Scottish lags won’t be his pal, prison officers won’t be sympathetic, and the (very high percentage of) foreign born criminals in Scots jails (recently arrived Muslims, Eastern European thugs and the like) will see him as a bit of sport.

    Also he’s horribly embarrassed the Scottish Government so they won’t be desperate to help him.

    Shame, eh?

  4. John @ 10.26, Cannot forget “Charles Endell Esq”. The nickname of Tony Osoba’s character ‘World Wide’ has stuck with me for 40+ years.

    He played a cab driver who owned a company called ‘World Wide Taxis’….. of which he was the solitary driver.

  5. Interestingly, the Terriblegraph wrote this story without using pronouns for Graham. It usually refers to trannies as ‘she’. Perhaps a tiny bit of progress….

  6. The Meissen Bison

    Legal and linguistic contortions are unhelpful. Why talk of “Hate Crime” in circumstances where the hatred was entirely justifiable?

    As a matter of interest, has a Hate Crime ever been tried before a jury?

  7. Since criminals are necessarily more resistant to the social conditioning that keeps we sheep in line, this isn’t surprising.

    Must admit I’d love to see this ‘Hate Crime’ tried before a jury TMB.

  8. On the plus side he did contribute to Nicola Sturgeons downfall so perhaps his sentence should be reduced for this contribution to society.

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