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Err, walk across the Land’s End car park?

Cornwall unveils new walking route linking its north and south coasts

7 thoughts on “Err, walk across the Land’s End car park?”

  1. The important thing is how many gift shops & cafés selling clotted cream teas does it take you past?
    Oh & where do you park?

  2. “Its planners have suggested people take seven days to cover the route, with stages ranging from just over four miles (6.5km) to 17 (27km). But walkers – or runners – are welcome to do it as quickly or slowly as they choose.”

    Ah, thanks. It’s nice to be trusted.

  3. Well I don’t mind a bit of a stroll occasionally. But I can’t really see myself flying to the UK to walk 387 miles through Cornwall.

  4. I have as much desire to visit Cornwall as I do Wales, English Taffies are every bit as bad as the real thing.

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