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How, umm, county

His parents largely lived apart, his father hunting in the country and his tastes not running to music. When he did go to a recital, he shouted at the pianist during the pause between a sonata’s movements: “Oh, do get on with it, man!”

4 thoughts on “How, umm, county”

  1. Good God. I never go to recitals at all. Am I an aristo?

    Makes sending ’em all to the guillotine much more understandable.

  2. Watched him quite a lot on the movie shows done by Channel 4. Of all the presenters, he was the only one who appeared to actually know what he was talking about* and not just regurgitating lines he had learned for the show from a book written by someone else.

    *One of them actually said “The Thing from Outer Space” as being the original of John Carpenters 1982 movie ‘The Thing’.

    And Bonnie Greer? Why? Oh, ticks a few of the right boxes…..

  3. “he was accepted to read history at Merton College, Oxford. … His passage was smoothed by the warden being a former lover of his mother.”

    Got into Oxford on false pretences. Then there was only one national rag for him, eh? Like La Toynbee.

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