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I mention it just to be completist but…..

France has been laissez-faire on race, the US proactive. Clearly, neither of them has it right
Kenan Malik

Perhaps it’s not the reaction to hte immigration that’s the problem therefore, but the immigration itself?

8 thoughts on “I mention it just to be completist but…..”

  1. Exactly. When your kitchen is flooded, you can allow the water to settle charmingly around the electrical appliances, or you can choose to throw buckets of it around. But the thing is to find and fix the leak.

  2. So perhaps Malik should be begging for a return to colonialism (by whites)?

    And demand that all those wicked racist fiends that destroyed the good old European empires should import lots and lots of whites and make sure they’re properly pampered in compensation for the locals evil racism?

  3. “Massive non-European immigration has been a disaster for America and France, white people to blame”

  4. The rioters in USA are not immigrants. So there are two problems requiring two solutions.
    (In the longer term. Short term, some baton charges and water cannon would be handy.)

  5. phillip @ 12.47, The rioters in USA are not immigrants.

    To quote Nick Nolte in the Prince of Tides “give it time, Lowenstein, give it time”…….

  6. It’s BLM in both the case of France and the USA. The French minority ethnics, like the BLM rioters, are not necessarily immigrants. It isn’t recent immigration which makes some groups troublesome.

  7. rhoda K it’s ‘the groups’ which are troublesome. The ‘circumstance’ is simply the excuse, they are troublesome, always have been and always will be wherever they are and it has nothing to do with any circumstance thay find themselves in.

    The first thing to do to put a stop to it is nuke mecca. Let them see who’s God really is greater.

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