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Ignorant, ignorant, twats

Senior police officers have “cosied up” to “pimping websites” that allegedly allow trafficked women to be “raped multiple times a day”, MPs have said.

Dame Diana Johnson, the chair of the home affairs select committee, said it was “disgraceful” that police forces and the National Crime Agency (NCA) were engaging with businesses such as Vivastreet.

Police officers were unable to tell the cross-party committee of MPs whether any prosecutions had resulted from working alongside such sites to gather intelligence of traffickers.

Johnson told Rob Jones, a director at the NCA: “You’re pursuing a strategy that seems to me to be cosying up and enabling adult service websites to carry on allowing trafficked women to be raped multiple times a day. I think it’s disgraceful.”

Tehre are no trafficked women being raped multiple times a day. It’s a myth. As BiS points out around here, the willing worker is simply too easy to find. Also, Operation Pentameter found none at all.

4 thoughts on “Ignorant, ignorant, twats”

  1. Is Vivastreet still going? I wonder who’s stupid enough to use it? Those who use the brains they keep in their boxers, I suppose. Engaging with businesses such as Vivastreet permit advertising under false pretences, I could understand.

  2. Some idiots say that sex where consent was given only because of payment is rape (rape under financial coercion or some such nonsense). It’s only by that sort of definition that you can find any woman who is raped multiple times a day.

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