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Lovely, innit?

UK risks shattering global standing by dumping £11.6bn climate pledge, ministers told

Since when have we given buggery for what Johnny Foreigner thinks of us?

Let alone 11.6 billion buggeries.

8 thoughts on “Lovely, innit?”

  1. We spunk £15bn-plus every year on foreign aid (ie buying Mercs for British charity workers and officials in Bongo Bongo) entirely so the oxygen thieves in parliament can polish their halos, so it is no surprise they’ve had a hissy one about this.

    Same for all the net zero wank.

    I’d cut the funding, close the departments and throw the civil service drones out into the street. Although in order to do the latter, I’d have to go round to the cunts’ houses….

  2. Well, perhaps Sunak isn’t quite as bad as I thought.

    Though I have to agree. All this bullshit should be cancelled immediately. And if it means the UK is no longer regarded as an easy mark by these thieving wankers, that’s another benefit of giving the handouts the chop.

  3. When is the next election due? It’s almost as if the government have noticed that this crap is really unpopular with the proles.

  4. Martin Near The M25

    Once again we see the weird middle class weird obsession with imaginary heckling from other countries.

    Even if it was true, if their argument boils down to if we stop (or slightly slow down) wrecking our own economy other people might not like as as much then bring it on.

  5. If Johnny Foreigner cares that much, then he can find the £11.6bn to cover the climate pledge. Problem solved.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    The same is being said in 30+ other western countries to try and keep their politicians in line as well for the same reason, the costs are coming home to roost and they know their game is up.

    The rest of the world is laughing behind closed doors at our stupidity and then public demanding we pay them for all the damage that has supposed to have been done to them.

  7. Stop that nonsense for 250 years and it would pay off the national debt…
    But I’m sure we could find a dozen or so similar wastefull activities.

  8. Our poli’s seem to think that if we (the rich West) show we are on board the ‘Net Zero Express, first stop, economic suicide’, others will hop on.

    In reality the rest of the world sees these virtue signalling parasites for what they are and are already on a train heading in the opposite direction.

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