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Modern marvels

Yes, I know, travel isn’t always like this. But from Fuseta (near Faro) to Bath, door to door, 6 hours. For £80.

Something of a modern marvel, no?

Of course, that even us plebs have the ability to do this has some spitting with rage. But still a marvel.

11 thoughts on “Modern marvels”

  1. from Fuseta (near Faro) to Bath, door to door, 6 hours. For £80.

    Back in Jane Austen’s day, London to Bath was 2 days in good weather, 4 days in bad. People went to Bath for the season, now it’s day trips.

  2. Trouble is, the same changes have brought thousands of people from Warlordistan to permanently inhabit our cities. Cheap travel needs expensive border controls.

  3. Dunno Sam… Those border controls need to be there anyways for a host of other reasons.

    It’s relatively cheap if that border control is actually allowed to stop those hordes of people from Warlordistan. With emphasis if necessary.
    And allowed to deal with the people ..facilitating.. the transport of those hordes. With emphasis.

    But that would require politicians to grow an actual spine. And the Civil Service to be Musked.
    Short of WWIII, or something similarly nasty upsetting the current status quo, actually happening.. Not in our lifetime, I’m afraid..

  4. @Sam Vara

    That’s why we have Royal Marines and the Royal Navy.

    Machine gun one boat, send the Marines onto another and show them filling people in and dragging them off by their hair, put it on the internet, and the problem would stop overnight.

  5. We recently took a 6 hour trip. From Manchester to Southampton. By car. Cost around £50 in petrol. If we took the train it would’ve been quicker but the cost would’ve been triple.

  6. @SBML

    True, but you need to factor in servicing, consumables and depreciation* on the car, which probably doubles the cost. Still cheaper, though!

    * which can be eliminated by driving an old banger.

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