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Not a real aristocrat

Former king of Spain asks UK judge to dismiss ex-lover’s £126m damages claim
Lawyer for Juan Carlos urges high court judge to strike out Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn’s claim

A real aristocrat would shut up about having shagged the King. Done thing, see?

But then Juan laddie has long been accused of not being all that refined himself.

10 thoughts on “Not a real aristocrat”

  1. It worked against Harvey Weinstein, so the lady doubtless feels it’ll work against Juan Carlos.

  2. Damages seem to be quite a flexible concept. Can anyone explain to me how anyone was harmed by having a diesel car that was a tiny bit more polluty than they thought it was?

  3. “The pleaded case of harassment is a diffuse collection of complaints, some trivial, mostly historic.”

    Pretty much sums up the attitude of every woman I’ve ever known. Since they’ve already ruled that the Anglo/Spanish treaty confers sovereign immunity on the Spanish monarch up until his abdication and the antics post-abdication seem to relate to activities in Switzerland and Monaco, why the flying phuq is this nonsense tying up an English courtroom?

    If I was judge I’d have tossed the entire thing and awarded the former king full costs, not because he was King, but because she had the gall to bring this nonsense before an English court.

    Her solicitors would be getting a stern lecture on the matter too.

  4. Re – Prince zu Sayn-Wittgenstein – yep, the same lot. He dropped the second – Sayn. If memory serves, he would have been the great-uncle of the lady’s second husband, whose title she kept after she divorced him.

    So now you know



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