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One former member of Twitter’s curation team, who asked not to be named, believes the failure on Twitter’s part was down to a combination of short-staffing and tech changes since Elon Musk took over.

This former staff member, who was let go as part of Musk’s mass layoffs after he bought the company in October 2022,

The bitter firee will of course be telling the unbiased truth.

5 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. Note that the general problem being addressed is that people must not be allowed to freely communicate.

  2. How would he know about the source of problems after he left twitter? Find out who has been twatting him and fire them as well.

  3. Yes Charles. I’m thinking of Harvey Weinstein, and the fuss about the non-disclosure agreements.

    As always, it depends on just who wants to sink the boot into whom.

  4. It’s amazing how the particular section of society the former Twatter employee obviously belongs to, have had absolutely no problem ( and still don’t have…) Naming and Shaming anyone who doesn’t agree with their World View. Even before any facts are out.

    And quite adept at trying to bury any proven gaffes of people who they considered their Champions of the Cause.

    That mirror they’re talking about in the article… They obviously aren’t looking into it. Positively, desperately avoiding doing that, it seems.
    Probably doing the “Nananana! Can’t heeeaar you!!” routine when you attempt to point out that particular fact to them.

  5. We can guess what was at the top of the pre-Musk block list:

    BIDEN: laptop, Hunter, sniffing, cocaine, Ukraine, senile, corruption.

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