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Oh, wonderful

To her credit, she never lost a sense of humour in her distress. When protesters hired a steamroller to crush piles of her albums outside her record company HQ in New York, she donned a wig and sunglasses and joined them, even giving an interview to a news crew in which she claimed to have come from Saratoga to add her patriotic voice to the protest.

Yes, that’s great. Sinead O’Connor.

21 thoughts on “Oh, wonderful”

  1. Theophrastus (2066)

    Deranged muslim convert with mini-talent – epitomising Western decadence – dies. Cry me a river.

  2. Shame about Sinead. She did have talent, but that was when she first started and her doolalliness soon took over.

    All a bit predictable, alas. Some people can handle it, others go under…

  3. @Theophrastus

    Mini talent, are you sure! I’ve been listening to various new channels and they don’t appear to think that.

    Do excuse me, I’m typing this in darkness as the light of the world has just gone out.

  4. It’s a sad fact that the best art, music etc is produced by those with mental health issues.

  5. I’m wishing for a mass burning of books I’ve written, but only after they were bought and I collected the royalties. I imagine that Sinead felt the same about her records.

    OK, she was a head case. It’s endemic amongst people from certain ethnicities and religions. It may also be the result of childhood abuse (again, endemic in certain ethnic groups and followers of certain religions). You can tell what they are by the weird spellings they use.

    Apparently, no medical cause detected. Anyone surprised?

  6. I think Dolores O’Riordan was the superior 90’s Hibernian songbird, but Sinead O’Connor’s cover of Nothing Compares 2 U is a pop masterpiece.

    Check out the Prince version too. His Purple Majesty was one of the greatest entertainers alive, and at the peak of his creative powers when he bashed out the song as a little side project for The Family.

  7. “Apparently, no medical cause detected. Anyone surprised?”

    Nope. Another ‘died suddenly’, what more need one say?

  8. Theophrastus (2066)

    Mark – if you are looking for real talent, you could do worse than start with Sibelius…

  9. @AndyF,

    Or Middle Eastern, or American. (Or Scottish or Welsh). Oirish as well … Witch-ever you prefer!

  10. The Sinead’s best work was done years ago. Yes, she still toured and did stuff but most people had forgotten her and the young probably did not know who she was. And yes, it is a shame she has died.

    But the media attention that is being given to this woman’s death! You would think she was the inventor of nuclear fusion or she was the first person to plant a flag on Mars. I wonder if the media is trying to distract the public from something….

  11. No Saker, it is just that the journoes and the editors are of “that age” to have heard her when she first started and was a proper artist.

  12. “the young probably did not know who she was” Nor I.

    I’m versatile in whom I’ve never heard of. I was once sitting in the hall of an expensive hotel in Houston. A charming American geezer approached me. He was atwitter with excitement, pointed to a woman walking by and say “That’s AB the world-famous opera singer.” I said “Sorry, I’m a foreigner.”

    That was needlessly brusque of me – I should have found a politer way to imply “Never ‘eard of ‘er, guv”.

  13. I once stood next to Kiri te Kanawa at Vienna airport.

    She was quite lovely, talking to the excited proles.

  14. Yeah, well, Ottokring, those tennis players are often … Hang on, she’s not a tennis player is she?

  15. It’s pleasant to see that there’s quite a few other people who don’t really have a clue who she was either.

  16. Just astounding that a life of torment, drugs, divorce, misery, depression suicide attempts and then suicide success (?) is lauded as some sort of prophetic revelation of joy just because the gal could sing. I would not curse my worst enemy with her life. I would curse the people who made money fro her misery, who drove and promoted her just to get the headlines. They are all fine. Sinead is as dead as Dolores and Amy and Judy Garland and Billie Holiday.

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