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OK, we’ll call you idiot fuckwits then

‘Cowardly’ to call Civil Service ‘the Blob’, says UK’s most senior civil servant

Happy now?

9 thoughts on “OK, we’ll call you idiot fuckwits then”

  1. Well it is cowardly if you’re content to call the CS the Blob without doing anything about it. Or isn’t that what he meant?
    But that’s politicians, isn’t it? Talk the talk? Yay! Walk the walk? Nah.
    Who exactly are the fuckwits here?

  2. I can recall when the CPSA (Civil and Public Service Association – the civil service union -as was), was often referred to as the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals).

  3. Members of the Civil Service complain at being called The Blob, which is unfair because they are individuals who can’t answer back. But they can’t answer back because… they don’t have individual identity…? And so are an amorphous collective…? A blob, as you would.

  4. Sorry, I can't tell you who I am

    We do have individual identities, but rules prevent us answering back.
    But, when politicians call us “the blob”, they have invariably and deliberately been using it as a derogatory term.
    And it’s not even remotely valid to say we’re all doing the same thing. There are, if memory serves me right, over 200 departments employing civil servants – doing a vast range of work. I’m in assurance (making sure the contractors don’t mark their own homework – and cut corners) on a nuclear project (hence why I can’t identify myself). A friend is a stores keeper at an army training camp. Another friend works in a department who’s job is to delve into contractor prices to ensure we aren’t paying more than we should for services – who’d have thought it, contractors trying to “add a little on top” !
    Just off the top of my head, departments I’ve come across lately … maritime & coastguard, rail accident investigation, prison service, courts, agriculture, … We don’t all wear bowler hats (you could find me in overalls and hard hat), we don’t all work in London (I don’t), you’ll find us everywhere doing just about anything – and most of the time you probably wouldn’t realise you’re dealing with a civil servant.

  5. I don’t think anyone uses ‘blob’ to refer to the coastguard or the guys who empty the bins. It’s the legions of pointless administrators behind them, and the “First Division” types.

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