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One wonders

Djamani on Friday became the 15th prisoner sent to the gallows since the government resumed executions in March 2022 after a two-year pause during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why the pause? Worried the executee might get ill?

10 thoughts on “One wonders”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Her execution went ahead despite appeals to halt it from Sir Richard Branson.

    Staggering! How dare they?

  2. Perhaps she refused to get vaccinated.

    30 grams, just over an ounce. Seems a bit harsh. I’ve just eaten a bag of crisps that weighed 25g. Heroin laced crisps sounds like a pretty neat business opportunity.

  3. It is harsh. And it always seems to be low IQ peasants getting executed, not kingpins….

    Still, Singapore’s drugs laws are well-publicised. The risks should be abundantly clear, especially to prospective drug-runners from elsewhere in SE Asia, where very similar laws apply.

    On that note, someone told me recently that SE Asia’s harsh drugs laws came about due to pressure from the US, which wanted to prevent the import of drugs, esp heroin, from SE Asia. Worked a treat of course, like every other ‘war on drugs’ measure….

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s strange. The older I get the more I’m repulsed by the death penalty, especially for non violent crimes.

    I can’t explain it, perhaps I’ve been exposed to too many miscarriages of justices or maybe it’s just the thought of state functionaries carrying out cold blooded killing.

  5. BinD, my thoughts exactly. Why does anyone think the government or ‘the experts’ or ‘our betters’ are superior at administering ‘justice’ given they have consistently demonstrated their profficiency at fucking up everything they touch?

    Watching the judge in the latest cop killing case made me want to be sick – he was full on ‘look at me, i’m in charge, i’m in front of the cameras, I have to deliver a performance’ mode.

    Prison for life = ok. Judicial killing = no.

  6. It is funny. I used to be a fervent hanger, but I now considered the State ( in the UK anyway ) to be so utterly incompetent that it can’t be trusted to
    a) hang the right person
    b) hang the miscreant without some terrible cock up occurring ( eg gallows burns down )

    and have changed my attitude consequently.

  7. Prison for life = ok.
    Nah, there’s the cost issue, and they take up valuable space for salt of the earth crims like robbbers, fraudsters and people who misgender drag queens. If it’s a serious crime like terrorism, then after due process hang em high.
    And not least cos some cunt like Toni Bliar could let them out as a bargaining tool.

  8. Used to fly to Singapore a lot. Long haul from the West and then short haul SE Asia. They used to hand out the ‘You could be executed for drug smuggling’ leaflet with the landing cards. Once we had residence we didn’t get them but the occasional announcement as landing approached. “Drug smuggling can lead to the death penalty. Oh and we are closing the toilets soon [so get flushing or risk death]”

    Seemed pretty bloody clear to me. Little sympathy but do understand it’s not great to execute poor people tempted by money, but some of you lot think we should push back or sink invading boat tourists. I think sending a message by doing what you say you will reduces crime far more than wringing hands and looking impotent (see Ukraine Russia thread points)

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