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Political propaganda is now illegal in Brazil

Judges ban Bolsonaro from running for office for eight years over ‘appalling lies’
Former far-right leader will only be able to seek elected office again in 2030, when he will be 75

Anyone who thinks politicians actually tell the truth when running for office is, of course, insane. But apparently it’s OK if it’s the right kind of lies.

19 thoughts on “Political propaganda is now illegal in Brazil”

  1. In belittling Brazil’s democracy in front of the foreign audience, the judge accused Bolsonaro of making their country appear like “a little banana republic”


  2. Incidentally, Bolso was very pro-American, but this was completely unreciprocated by the USG, who hated him as furiously as they do any populist leader, and no doubt helped ease him out of office.

    It’s dangerous, being Uncle Sam’s “friend”.

  3. It’s a Catholic country. Brasilians are brought up on lies. Provided they’re the correct lies.

  4. Democracy is a ritualised form of civil war with the violence removed (mostly).

    If you stifle democracy like this then you will have violent civil war. Do these judges think they won’t be targets?

  5. “In belittling Brazil’s democracy in front of the foreign audience, the judge accused Bolsonaro of making their country appear like “a little banana republic””

    Look in a mirror, your “honour”.

  6. The third world may have started it but this seems to be the way forward for people atm. Look at what they are doing to Trump and Farage. Can’t have the people with the wrong ideas in power.

  7. I just had a rather depressing conversation with an acquaintance. She was proclaiming how great it was that they had finally nailed “that crook Trump” on these documents “just like they got Al Capone on tax charges.”

    I sighed and mentioned that Biden was the real crook in all this, taking bribes from Ukraine, China etc etc, of which she neither knew nor cared. She then droned on about how lovely Obama was and so squeky clean.

    I made my excuses and ducked out of the conv saying that I had to go and strangle some squirrels.

  8. Look at what they are doing to Trump and Farage.

    And Corbyn. And Boris. And Salmond*. Everything they do in America comes here eventually, because our Twitter-addicted institutional class already mentally lives in NYC or LA. That’s why BLM crossed the Atlantic so quickly, despite the problems of American blacks and American policing having little to do with the UK, and Ol’ banana-stealing Floydy George being an especially ridiculous figure to canonise.

    *YMMV on these men, but they were all legitimately elected representatives of the people, expelled from the political system through dirty tricks involving the British state. They were deemed too dangerous to allow the electorate to have the final word.

  9. Yes,

    With it being Brazil, I suspect they will be informed of their target status sooner rather than later.

  10. PJF – I dunno, they probably have a better sense of how things go in Brazil than we do.

    Note that during the… murky… events surrounding the replacement of Bolso with Poor-but-Honest Lula, not only did the cops and military show no signs of supporting the guy who was still president, but the criminal gangs were also out in force – apparently with impunity – against Bolso’s supporters.

    Looks like the guy was a populist insurgent who got completely Trumped by the Brazilian state. His supporters are the same kind of normies who voted for Brexit because they wanted to improve society somewhat. Neither hold any institutional power or realistic threat of violence.

  11. I dunno neever, Steve, but I doubt Brazil is going to turn into a darkly boring liberal/fascist technocracy. If the state did beat a populist insurgent of “normies” (whatever that means in South America), it doesn’t mean it’s going to become a cog in the new world order. Traditional chaos and anarchy are more likely, with death squads taking care of business.

  12. PJF – I’m sure you’re more or less right.

    Let’s hope for peace squads, if possible, but I also don’t think the Current Thing will persist indefinitely. It makes too many people unhappy.

  13. I know a lot of Brasilians. Don’t know any of them are Bolsonaro fans. Where a preference is shown, Lula all the way. I would think I’m almost entirely sampling from working class though. Although, of course, that’s most Brasilians. I actually find it quite a mystery Bolsonaro got in in the first place.
    But like I said, Catholic country. If you tell the right lies, you will be believed. Rational thought is a minority sport. Like most of S & C America. It’s not on the curriculum.

  14. Also we seem to be ignoring that Lula himself was locked up* in an attempt to stifle his political career. Bolsonaro so far’s getting off light.

    *Maybe he was guilty, maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he was guilty of getting caught. In Catholicism as practised, the ends always justify the means. And the ends are what you choose them to be.

  15. In Catholicism as practised, the ends always justify the means

    BiS, did the Dagoes spill your drink, or something?

  16. Steve. If you find yourself dealing with people brought up with the Full Monty rather than the rather limp wristed version of the religion practised yourabouts, with all the dead saints & the Virgin Mary that are hoped to intercede ones behalf in matters all, you soon realise you’re dealing with people who have, at best, a tenuous grasp on cause & effect.

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