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Seems a bit extreme

Family abandons £2,000 Greek holiday as heatwave turns hotel into ‘giant oven’
Sally Urwin and her two teenage sons relieved to be back in rainy UK after being trapped in ‘suffocating’ heat

They thought Greece was cool at this time of year did they?

13 thoughts on “Seems a bit extreme”

  1. Woman is a nutter, who gave her £2,000?

    Wet T-Shirt and wet hair: cheap, safe and effective

    Hot countries: I’ve only holidayed in them in autumn, winter

    Equally I’ve only holidayed in ski-resorts in winter

    btw bet the teenage sons were pissed off at being taken home

  2. Have spent many weeks over the years in Lindos, Rhodes in July. Faboulous. Of course it’s hot, that’s why you go there (and also because at the time – pre Euro) they had the cheapest booze in the EU.

    Only stayed in one apartment that had air con. The others simply had a ceiling fan which moved the hot air around a bit.

    My family still take the piss out of me for the time I ran from one beach umbrella shadow to the next on Main beach ‘cos the sand was so fucking hot…..

  3. I had an American acquaintance who proudly told me that she was going to the 2004 Olympics. She was slightly miffed when my response was not “Oooh, how lucky you are.. ” but “Athens in August ? Good luck.”

  4. I’m happy as Larry over the current continental misery. My tickets for August/September were far cheaper than I expected, given inflation.

    Then again, Narbonne plage isn’t exactly Greece and struggles to get above 35C even now.


  5. Addolff, the Grist family have a similar sensauma, laughing at their old man in Lagos, Portugal in July in the 80s, before Gerbil Worming had really taken off, dancing like Fred Astaire on the sandy beach. Still, I did discover flip-flops, thanks to some kind Portuguese lady. Again, before Sir Kneel made them fashionable.
    When I say taking off, I mean the meejas frantic reporting of it every summer, rather than any actual effect of all that deadly CO2…

  6. One is tempted to wonder where they’re getting these astronomical temperatures from… According to the Weather Channel it’s about 30C in Athens at the moment, not exactly “Scorchio”. I also keep an eye on the online met station at the marina just south of Barcelona where I used to keep my boat – and that’s just crept up to 30.2C at noon.

    Admittedly from a very small sample, over the last few days temperatures appear to be about 10C lower than the “red maps” of the BBC et al indicate.

    Are we being softened up for more Climate Change bollocks? (/Rhetorical)

  7. Yeah, the headline temp put out for the Beeb shows 40C around about where Nice is.

    Check online for Nice and it’s 30C, suggesting that these roasting temperatures are selective at best.

    “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the Midday sun”…presumably the temperature monitors for Al Beeb are included.

    For myself, I’d be having lunch under the shade of the trees in the garden.

  8. Narbonne’s a city I like. (Perpignan & the coast to the east as well.) The climate of the Cote d’Azure without the prices. See if you can find out what the French Army were doing there just after the turn of the C20th. There’s a plaque commemorating their (I think I translated it as occupation) there close to a park. Must have been something to warrant the plaque. And Paris does have a history of using the military to suppress its own people & then officially forgetting.. Narbonne’s not really French. Cathar country Catalonia until 1659. And in SW France they talk about events happened in 1300 something like they were last week. I’ve met families speak Occitan at home, although that’s a bit further west around St Antonin. I know they had a bout of nationalism across the frontier about that time.
    I’ve tried several times since to get to the bottom of it. Never got anywhere

  9. Yeah, the headline temp put out for the Beeb shows 40C around about where Nice is. Check online for Nice and it’s 30C,
    It’s 31 at 13:00 where I am in the city centre. No doubt the BBC would be reporting it as 41 as we seem to be in the black areas on their maps. And no doubt I could find you a street at 41, if I went for 10 minutes walk. So what?
    Torygraph : Ten minutes in, it’s clear I wasn’t built for Seville’s vicious heatwave
    News for you mate. That’s normal for Sevilla. Nobody with any sense goes to Sevilla in July & August. Sevillanos try to be somewhere else.

  10. In the past we’ve taken our Italian holidays in May and September. Worked well. So does Madeira in early January.

    I’ll tell you where is good in the late spring and summer. Coastal Britain. I recommend the West Highlands in May and early June, Norfolk and Suffolk in later June, and the English south coast in July and August.

    I spent much of one summer near Aberdeen years ago. Lovely: when the SW winds blow you’re in the rain shadow of the Highlands. And, I guess, maybe you benefit from a bit of a Föhn effect too. Especially good if you are fond of roses.

  11. I took a motorcycle trip in Doaij in July wearing black leather. Was hell when I stopped but a wet t-shirt and evaporative cooling made a massive difference once I got going above a few mph.

    The BBC is pushing a climate change is burning us all alive agenda by reporting peak temps seen for a short period in a concrete city.

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