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Seems an entirely fair comment really

In 2022, she commented on a tweet containing the image of a transgender person, questioning how biological women often have their appearance questioned.

She wrote: “I do believe that people should be allowed to wear what they want etc etc… But what blows my mind is the idea that with heavy five o’clock shadow, a perm and lippy and a bag with gold chains = woman.

“While us boring biological women get derided if we have one or two faint chin hairs.”

For which she got fired (well, sorta, dropped from a rosters of freelances).

4 thoughts on “Seems an entirely fair comment really”

  1. I wouldn’t employ an editor who uses bullshit tranny terms like ‘gender-critical’ but the Terriblegraph is full of them.

  2. Transgenderism is repressed homosexuality.

    Detransitioner bitterly regrets having testicles removed after struggling with being gay

    A young man who formerly identified as a transwoman after being castrated by doctors has warned others not to follow in his footsteps.

    The young man, known only as Kobe, has revealed how he bitterly regrets his decision to transition and was told to ‘play the suicide card’ by older trans people in order to receive treatment.

    He began puberty blockers at 13, had his testicles removed at 19 – and now suffers from severe spinal pain he fears could be osteoporosis, with puberty blockers linked to bone injuries.

    Speaking to Fox News, he has detailed how despite his thoughts of being trans he now realizes he was an ‘effeminate’ gay boy who enjoyed playing with Barbies, but who felt uncomfortable with his sexuality.

    Kobe also told the outlet that had he not been ‘indoctrinated’ to gender ideology, he probably would have stayed as such.

    He said: ‘I was always an effeminate boy, I was very feminine growing up. I liked Barbie’s, I liked pink.’

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