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So, not just wrong fuckwits but incompetent fuckwits

A chambers which unlawfully victimised a barrister for standing up to Stonewall has been ordered to pay her £20,000 in costs for “unreasonable conduct”.

Unreasonable, sorta, yes.

Now, an employment tribunal has made the unusual decision of awarding a substantial sum in costs to Ms Bailey for the way Garden Court and its legal team conducted itself during the acrimonious litigation.

The panel singled out for criticism the chambers’ failure to compile an adequate trial bundle, which is crucial for the coherent running of a case.

The stinging judgement says it was unclear whether this was the result of poor resourcing or an issue of “personality” on the part of those involved.

Actually, that’s simply incompetence.

Whether it’s a general thing or specific to this case it’s still not a good look.

6 thoughts on “So, not just wrong fuckwits but incompetent fuckwits”

  1. If only they’d had a competent lawyer. The old adage: anyone representing himself has a fool for a lawyer.

  2. I do incline to the opinion that this is simply an example of the general arrogance of the pro-tranny push. They seem to be incapable of accepting that others can legitimately have any views other than their own.

    Of course, some people may feel that I have similar attitudes to those pushing the Voice. Or to illegal immigrants. Or to foreign aid.

  3. Garden Court has a proud history of winning cases and overturning great injustices.

    Yes, well…

  4. You’d have thought law firms would have learned by now. Back in the eighties, I sued a prominent London firm for negligence. Won it, too. Their reaction was that my client and I were guilty of bad form for pursuing a claim against them. The asset they had lost was quite valuable. They lost their firm over it.

  5. Who/Whom? as our politics is about.

    Alison Bailey is a black lesbian from a working class background growing up in Cowley (one of the shithole parts of Oxford* next to Blackbird Leys if you like reggae and muggings).

    Now she’s a barrister with years of experience and a first class honours degree. Impressive lady.

    She should be untouchable on the progressive stack, but no. Apparently white male perverts are atop the Diversity totem pole, so she had to fight like hell to be treated fairly (and God bless her for that).

    It also strikes me that, while ‘Conservatives’ have been typically useless in confronting the Gender Menace, lesbians at least have balls.

    *15 minute cities are a cute idea by panicking white liberals just realising their future looks like France’s

  6. She should be untouchable on the progressive stack

    Garden Court, interestingly, has three joint heads of chambers – two white females and one South Asian male. Maybe that’s a clue to the incompetence.

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