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Stretching a bit but good fun

Ron DeSantis has encouraged the body that invests Florida’s state pension funds to sue the owners of Bud Light over a recent marketing campaign that featured a transgender celebrity.

It did cause A-B stock to fall, significantly, so there is a shareholder case under the usual silliness of US law. Why not therefore?

As long as we do regard it properly – as a bit of political fun, no more.

9 thoughts on “Stretching a bit but good fun”

  1. It’s a difficult time for De Santis. He keeps doing good stuff, not always but who’s perfect and anyway he gets it right far more often than not, yet it seems to be a competition between the US media and the all-powerful (until election time) RINOs as to who can talk his chances down faster.

    I still wish he’d step aside while making a clear proviso that if one of the endless court cases finally derails the Trump candidacy he will be back in there fighting. Do that and the 2028 nomination at least should be his for the taking.

  2. Must admit I’m not too sure I like the notion of people being sued for being fuckwits.

    Perhaps this is because I’m looking in the mirror?

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    De Santis basically feels like the last desperate hope for a dying civilization. And 2028 feels like it will be 5 years too late.

  4. De Santis basically feels like the last desperate hope for a dying civilization. And 2028 feels like it will be 5 years too late.
    There’s a lot of dying in a civilisation.
    I suspect de Santis might be the last president vaguely acceptable to the left. If he’s not elected, the next one will be their ultimate nightmare.

  5. Imagine thinking that the Dems and their election fortification machine will let a Repub candidate get elected as Pres ever again.

  6. Ann Coulter who has it in for DeSantis has been having a serious go at him but she doesn’t appear to understand the basics of political grandstanding.

  7. One suspects there is much that Ann Coulter doesn’t understand. With friends like her, the right doesn’t need enemies.

  8. “the usual silliness of US law.” Doesn’t the UK have a law where the shareholders can sue the company directors for ‘Breach of fiduciary duty’? Basically, that’s what this suit is about. Some other ‘woke’ companies have been sued for using racial quotas in hiring, which is a violation of Civil Rights law and could lead to big fines. (If the Democrats ever lose control of the DoJ.)

  9. Southerner/BiS

    IMHO Takimag articles are somewhat variable.

    At their best they include the generous spirit and beautiful writing of Theodore Dalrymple, the well-presented inconvenient truths of Steve Sailor and the guilty pleasure of Sundays “the week that perished” media extract bitchfest.

    Pick your way through more mediocre stuff and you find David Cole’s pieces and his inability to complete a paragraph without mentioning Jews in a distinctly snidey fashion. A pity as I sense he still might have something of importance to say if he would only grow up.

    However even this is usually preferable to the absolute nadir which was, before I started ignoring it, Ann Coulter’s weekly diatribe against Donald Trump. I am disappointed to learn that she now has it in for DeSantis and would ask the obvious question – what the hell does this lunatic actually want?

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