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The thing is, he’s right

A Christian councillor who tweeted “Pride is not a virtue but a sin” is being investigated by Conservative headquarters.

King Lawal, a Northamptonshire councillor, has been suspended from the Conservative Party and said he has been “cancelled” by six other organisations after expressing his religious beliefs on social media.

Responding to images of pride parades organised by LGBT groups at the end of last month, he wrote: “When did Pride become a thing to celebrate. Because of Pride Satan fell as an arch Angel. Pride is not a virtue but a Sin. Those who have Pride should Repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ.

Pretty standard christianity thing. Not even about buggery etc. But about pride. Pride’s a bad thing in christianity. Humble and meek is the thing.

18 thoughts on “The thing is, he’s right”

  1. ‘In no way am I suggesting that LGBT people should be persecuted or should not live freely in which or whatever way they want’

    I do agree with the opinion he expressed above. Provided they’re not buggering the kids. As for Christian doctrine he is, as you point out Tim, quite correct.

  2. Thank the Lord he didn’t say
    “Dressing up in bondage gear and waving your genitals at children is not very nice.”

    Then h’d really be in trouble…

  3. Had the same thing during a ‘workshop’ while still working (cue Alexie Sayles’ quote regarding ‘workshops’). “How proud are you to work for XXXX? Stand in line behind a number from one to ten”.

    Telling people pride is one of the seven deadly sins and can be signs of conceit, arrogance and egotism was lost on the people with a degree but no education.

    I got roundly criticised for not playing the game.

  4. “No, really, I know it looks like a considerable achievement, sucking another man’s penis and allowing him to put stuff up your anus, but I can’t really take that much credit for it. I mean, it looks tricky to an outsider, but once you get the basics it’s actually not all that difficult…”

  5. Bloke In Scotland

    Presumably the expression “Pride comes before a fall” is merely a reference to diversity parades happening before Autumn?

  6. Tsk. Everyone knows the only true religion is the one where they kill you if you don’t follow the rules. It’s compulsory to piss off Christians.

  7. I believe that the Seven Deadly Sins were a specifically Catholic invention. Their main purpose is so that the church can exploit people by riding their guilt. Gay pride came about as a reaction to gay people being told that they should be ashamed about something that they have no control over.

  8. @Stonyground: Sin is a reality. If you don’t think right and wrong conducts exist, and that we can choose to do wrong, then God help you, whether He exists or not. The classification of the Seven Capital Sins is not a control mechanism, it’s an analysis, and an intellectually sound one, of aspects of human pscychology, behaviour, and relationships. “Gay pride” initially used the word pride in a different and laudable sense, that of self-respect, but it’s recently become a first-rate example of the sin of pride – regarding yourself as more important than other people, and than God.

  9. Black pride “say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud” got there first in the 1960s and with the eponymous James Brown record in 1968.

    The term gay pride only started after the Stonewall riots in 1969.

  10. Well said, Chris. And Stony, the Seven Deadly Sins per se were fixed in their modern form by Pope Gregory I in 590 (although the Lutherans and Methodists still acknowledge them), but they’re inspired by the Book of Proverbs and Classical Greek philosophy, and have very deep roots in early Christianity.

  11. “…If you don’t think right and wrong conducts exist…”

    Please don’t put words into my mouth, I never said anything of the sort. Actions have consequences, we have a duty to ourselves and others to seek positive outcomes and avoid bad outcomes. I don’t see pride as something that, in itself, leads to good or bad outcomes, I certainly don’t see it as a sin.

  12. @ Stonyground
    You have freedom to think what you like, which includes the freedom to be wrong.
    Sin is anything that separates one from God and pride is therefore a sin. “What does the Lord require of the thee but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”
    There are several references to pride, all of them unfavourable, including Mark 7 where Jesus includes pride as one of the evil things that defile a man.

  13. @john77 – “Sin is anything that separates one from God”

    Since God is a fictional character, such a separation is of no consequance.

  14. @ Charles
    Like Stonyground you have the freedom to be wrong.
    In the absence of God, the concept of sin is meaningless, so to assert in a discussion about sin that God is a fictional character suggests that you not only don’t know what you are talking about but also have nil understanding of what we are talking about.

  15. I read today that a poll of millennials found that almost half of them thought that misgendering someone should be a criminal offense. A further quarter had no opinion. Only 31% thought it was a bad idea.

    Enjoy your freedom of speech while you can.

  16. Mohavie @ 9.46. I wonder at this notion that we should ‘ask the kids what they think’.
    We know they are still children and know nothing and by the time they get to the point of being able to implement the things they currently think are right, they will have grown up and realised it’s all a load of cobblers*.

    *Excepting the chronically afflicted / retarded or those who recognised a gravy train when they saw one and have climbed aboard.

  17. Can we clarify which God we are talking about? The ropers appear to have 7 sins, the Catholics / Christians have 7 (co-incidence, what), Judaism, 613, Buddhists who don’t have a God, consider some things crimes / sins (don’t believe in ‘original sin’ though), Hindus have ten (or 5 depending on which search result you favour).

    Can you religionists please make your fucking minds up – you can’t all be right and us atheists want to know which horse to back before it’s too late………..

  18. @ Adolff
    Muslims and Christians believe in the same God as Jews, they just believe different things about Him. That should be obvious.

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