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There’s a certain mystery here

How I exposed Harvey Weinstein after Berlusconi ruined my life
A Miss Italy finalist asks why the late former prime minister, who she says groped her at one of his bunga-bunga parties, was given a state funeral
She says she was groped five years earlier by Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, when she was taken at the age of 18 to one of his notorious sex parties with prostitutes.

Erm, why wouldn’t you expect to get groped at a sex party?

10 thoughts on “There’s a certain mystery here”

  1. No no no

    She went aling to discuss government education policy but it was very hot, so everyone took off their clothes, then Sr Berlusconi slipped on a glace cherry…

  2. Actually Otto, wiki claims that it was to celebrate her achievement of making the Miss Italy beauty pageant finals.

    Perhaps it’s just simplest to assume that everyone is lying??

  3. Wait a moment… She made it to Miss Italy without being groped ?!!

    That one would be news-worthy… Getting groped at one of Berlusconi’s parties… well.. it isn’t..

  4. Bit of a snowflake.
    While agreeing a non-consensual grope was unpleasant, impolite and probably illegal (depending on duration in Italy!), “ruined my life” seems OTT.
    Shit happens to all of us. Some get cancer. Some break their legs in a car crash. Some get OD’d.
    Learn from it, choose venues better next time and add to your experience and improved judgement.
    From the circumstances, a grope sounds like you got off lightly.
    Deal with it and move on. Grow up girl.

  5. @Sam Vara – “Wouldn’t attending the party count as “contributory negligence”?”

    Not really. At only 18 she could be expected to be naive enough to think that a sex party would involve a lot of young men, rather than the limited selection of men who, presumably, were not to her liking.

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